Beach Holidays are always fun and the most memorable ones too! But, they also leave you with damaged skin and hair at last.
Do you feel the happiest when you are at the beach? Do your holiday trips always end up at the beaches, relaxing on the sand under the sun? Do you crave to go to the beach every time you feel like you need an escape from your busy city life? And after enjoying your ‘best’ time, do you always leave with dry and damaged skin and hair? Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to now!
In this article, you will read some tips that you must follow if you wish to save your skin and hair from an irreparably damaged state.

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1.Skin-Saving Tips

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• Never step out without applying a sunscreen, with a broad-spectrum of SPF 30 at least. It is recommended that you apply SPF 50 for the best protection against the sun.
• You must apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out. Carry it along all the time, and keep applying every few hours.
• Wash your face with plain water after every swim in the sea.
• When you reach home after your trip to the beach, apply cold milk on your face and leave it in for some time. It will soothe your sunburn.
• Pick a cleanser that suits your skin type and then apply the cleanser to rehydrate yo0ur skin.
? Normal Skin: Use Cleansing Gel that must contain aloe vera gel.
? Dry Skin: Massage with a nourishing cream with a few drops of water.
? Oily & Combination Skin: Apply a cleansing milk or mild face wash.
• Apply a good moisturizer after the cleansing process.

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2.Hair-Saving Tips

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• Protect your hair by wearing a hair cap while swimming in the ocean.
• Take a shower with plain water first, before stepping into the salty sea water, to prevent your skin from absorbing the excess sea water.
• Wet your hair completely with plain water too, before going for a swim.
• Never skip applying a hair cream or a hair serum with a good SPF in it.
• After every swim, use a mild shampoo to wash your delicate and damaged hair. apply a leave-in conditioner at last.
• Tea & Beer Remedy: squeeze the juice of one lemon into your beer and add tea water too. Now use it to wash your hair and replenish them with all the good nourishments that beer provides to your hair. rinse off with normal water after keeping the beer in your hair for some time.

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3.Makeup Basics

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• Use waterproof and smudge-free makeup products that give a matte finish.
• Apply lip gloss instead of lipsticks.
• Avoid applying blusher. You can instead apply natural color lipstick. Make dots on the cheeks and then use your fingers to blend.

Follow these important tips and share your ideas with us, if any!

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