7 Smart Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

Beauty Hacks

To look beautiful and flawless, you just need a few  beauty hacks that will make your life easier. So, here are some hacks for the modern ladies on the go.

1. Make your eyes appear bigger

 Make your eyes appear biggerImage Source: homesogood

Have small eyes, or you didn’t get enough sleep? Well, don’t worry as you can still make your eyes appear bigger by just applying white pencil in the inner corner of the eyes.

2. Test foundation

Test foundationImage Source: theconversation

Generally, people check foundation by applying it to their face. But, the best technique to test the foundation is by applying it on the side of the cheeks. For this, apply four shades closest to your skin tone and then blend it. And the shade which disappears into your skin is the right shade for you.

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3. Reduce frizz using a T-shirt

Reduce frizz using a T-shirtImage Source: huffingtonpost

If you wish to have frizz-free hair then, start using an old T-shirt in place of the towel.

4. Make your lips appear bigger

 Make your lips appear biggerImage Source: consumerhealthdigest

The trick to make your lips appear bigger is by applying lipstick in a usual way and then adding gloss on the cupid’s bow.

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5. One of the best beauty hacks for contouring

One of the best beauty hacks for contouringImage Source: com

Well, most ladies find contouring a tough task. But, you can easily contour your face by simply drawing number three from the temples to your chin and then blend.

6. Dry shampoo to add volume to your mane

Dry shampoo to add volume to your maneImage Source: thebeautytonic

Do you also wish to add volume to your mane? Then, you just need to apply dry shampoo to your mane and make them bouncy.

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7. Make your feet softer

 Make your feet softerImage Source: s-nbcnews

Want to get rid of cracks on your feet ? Just scrub off your feet after a shower and apply a thick layer of vaseline over it. After that, wear thick socks and leave it overnight. Next morning, you will get smoother feet.

So, these were the few beauty hacks that woman should know. Now, that you know them, include them in your beauty routine.