Beauty Products Not to Be Used During Pregnancy


Say ‘ NO’ to the Following Beauty Products

Chemicals included in shampoos, lotions and creams can have gradual effects which become visible in long run. Thus, you may not observe the side effects right away and go on using skincare items, which will hamper the baby’s growth and also pose threat to the inner health. One such item is Accutane, the chief component of acne ointments that leads to birth defects in kids. These sorts of creams should not be used by an expecting lady under all circumstances. Check out the list of beauty products to avoid during pregnancy.

Retinol Ointments or Creams

Retinoid is one of the strong agents present in anti-aging moisturizers and creams. Retinoids, also contained in acne creams, are usually not safe in pregnancy. It is generally a forerunner of vitamin A, which assists in cell regeneration and growth. Skin care range including retinoids can have an impact on the health of unborn kids. So it’s better to avoid such products.

Paraben Lotions

Paraben is generally added as a preservative to various beauty and skin care products. It role is to protect mold, fungal as well as bacterial growth on sunscreens, creams, astringents and different body lotions too. Use of Paraben in pregnancy is not at all safe because it may lead to disturbance in the reproductive hormones. Thus, you should search for paraben-free cosmetic products.

Acetone/Alcoholic Cleansers

While performing manicures and pedicures, too much use of alcoholic cleansers and stain removers is a very common practice. Nail polish removers include ethanol and acetone which discharge fumes. When expecting ladies inhale these fumes, the development & growth of fetus is affected. Although safe for a mother, fumes can leave harmful effects on baby.
Soy Products

Face masks and facial packs containing soy as the main component may cause trouble to the skin. The adverse effects are caused because of bergamot oil, and it increases the dark patches and spots on your skin. Females experiencing melasma should stay away from soy products as it can worsen the skin condition of, thereby resulting in tan more. Moreover, soy includes some estrogenic effects that are not really recommended during pregnancy.

These were certain popular beauty items to avoid while pregnancy. So the very next time, when you buy cosmetics & beauty stuffs for yourself, ensure that they are free of above mentioned chemicals.

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