Being A Muslim Doesn’t Mean I Follow These 10 Things!

Let’s be honest, being a Muslim has never been a great thing for us! And especially after the recent events and terrorist activities of ISIS, we Muslims are also treated like them as well. Right from our names to our looks, we get comments and questions about our religion.

The dirty stares, cunning looks, the accusing questions, and the inability to do anything about all this! As soon as people know our names or realize that we are Muslims, they immediately turn track or change their perceptions and directions about how the world is being affected by our presence. But we don’t blame them, it’s how the world is shaping itself today, but on the other hand, I would like to clear everyone thoughts about how not every Muslim is the same.

Here are 10 things that 1 have listed below to tell the world, what they have been thinking about all Muslims being the same, is not always true and not all of us should suffer for the wrongdoing of one person.

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1. Biryani Is Not All That We Eat!

I mean, what is all the fuss about Muslims and Biryanis! To be clear and honest, stop asking the same question every time you meet a Muslim, “Did you eat Biryani today?”! there are even some people who don’t even like to eat Biryani, at all.

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2. We Don’t Have Social or Personal Connections To Any Terrorist “Friends”

It’s something not to be tolerated, even we Muslims don’t support what these terrorists are doing to our nation (Yes, If we live here, It’s our Nation Too). In fact, we would do everything that all other Indians would do when it comes to protecting our nation together.

3. Burqa is NOT compulsory to be worn by all the Muslim women!

It IS a choice, NOT a compulsion to wear the Burqa! You don’t have to be perceptive about how I must have a burqa hidden somewhere in my bag, that I will wear as soon as I step outside in the open.

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4. Not All Muslim Women Are Oppressed!

I agree that women all around the world are being oppressed in general, but thinking that if a woman is Muslim then she would definitely be getting oppressed at her home is not right actually. And we hate it when you compare us to your other Muslim friends, commenting with “you are nothing like our other Muslim friends!”. Stop discriminating people, it shows what kind of a person you are, not us!

5. We Have The Freedom To Marry The Person Of Our Choice

Being a Muslim doesn’t mean that all of us get to married our cousins, we have the equal rights to choose whom we will get married to! Regardless of what our religion has permitted to us, we like to make our individual choices.

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6. And We Don’t Even Get Married Four Times!

Please, guys! Stop with all these presumptions already.

7. We Muslims Won’t Like You If You Are Friendly With Other Muslims Too!

This is something that seriously annoys me! Why do you people make this presumption, that it is necessary for you to tell us about how friendly you are with your other Muslim friends to make us feel comfortable with. It’s totally vain guys! Apart from being a Muslim, we are humans too.

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8. Our Aim Is Not To Convert Everyone To Muslim Religion!

I mean, we have our own lives, and we are happy who we are and who we live with. We don’t need to convert anyone to expand our clan unnecessarily!

9. There Are At Least A Dozen of Kids In Every Muslim Family
Come On! Now, this is just too much! *eye rolls*

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10. We All Love PAKISTAN!

It’s not like we like and fight for Pakistan all the time, but we’d rather love the nation we were born in and are residing right now!


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