Best Hair Trends to Try this Season….!!

Be it your office party, friends get together or any bash you want to attend, you definitely need suggestions on what type of hairstyles you could try! It may be hard for you to visit a salon every time as it is really expensive, I know! But don’t let this boundation affect your beauty and make sure you continue fetching many compliments. So, don’t let your hair be dull and limp and follow these suggestions that are cheaper and for me, the best!

Make it fun and sexy for you to steal the show….

  • Simply yet Classy – Ponytail!!

To be honest, I used to dread the idea when I was young but after seeing lot many gals donning the avatar, I kind of started envy them. Ponytail can be worn in many ways and the best look is high and slightly messy pony, you will just look gorgeous that too without putting in much effort. Try it once and enjoy the day…

  • Knots are Trendy too!!

Be it attending a class, going out for some fun shopping, or even watching a movie at home, I love tying my hair in a bun. This can be done in an easy and cool way and you can manage your naughty hair well. You can also prefer low buns in office when you are getting late.

  • Going Natural is too Sexy!!

Why don’t you just towel dry your hair one day and use a salt spray to set your hair the natural way? It is not mandatory that you need to spend at least half an hour in getting your hair right; you can set your hair naturally and see how gorgeous you could look!

  • Short, Choppy, Bold and….

Much more! You can get a short hair cut done that suits your face shape and be hot and daring in your entire club. When you see many film stars donning the look and bite your lips in envy, why don’t you come forward and take a chance yourself?

  • Be a Retro Queen!

That 60’s looks, immaculate curls and excess volumes, are all hot trends this season. Though I personally dislike the idea but there is no harm in trying it or taking inspiration. Try some puffy looks and have fun.

  • This Season is all about Accessories!!

It’s all accessories that speak, be it lacey headbands and other bows, you have all the options. So have a look around in the market and see what all you could buy!!

These were some hot and trendy suggestions that can refresh your tresses and thus you can try them. Have fun!