Beware! Seeing a picture pattern in random things may be a psychological disorder

Do you also see faces in the sky after looking at them for a certain time? Well, most of us will say this is common. But in reality, it means that you are suffering from a psychological disorder, Pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a psychological condition in which a person’s mind responds to the stimulus by sensing a familiar pattern where in reality nothing exists. Well, you don’t need to worry as most of the people have experienced this but they have not heard of it.

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So, let’s have a deeper look at this psychological condition.

1. It is a phenomenon of psychology

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This is a psychological condition in which a person imagine things in the familiar patterns where nothing really exists. This is experienced by many of us but most of us don’t know about this disorder.

2. Where are they found?

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If you also see humans, animals or any other thing in the clouds then this means that you are suffering from this disorder. It is believed that people you can see such things in the cloud have high intelligence level as compared to the one who can’t see it.

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3. STAY CALM! As it is not harmful

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This condition is not harmful but if a person often sees dreadful and scary faces then it means that the person is going through a bad time and is facing many problems.

4. It is the result of your brain

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It is the result of your brain. There is an area inside the brain known as a fusiform face which gets activates from a person sees pattern inside noisy environment.

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5. Women suffer from this most

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According to the research, it is believed that women suffer from this condition more as compared to men. Because they have a higher tendency to suffer from this condition.

6. Sensitive people are more prone to this

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According to the researchers, women are physically weaker than men and this is the reason why they are able to predict it more. Neurotic people see meaningful patterns as compared to others as they are less emotionally stable.


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