Bollywood Queens Socially Trolled For Their Bold Choice Of Outfits

The burden of being Bollywood stars comes with millions of criticized statements and getting socially trolled often than you know it. You get from top ranking to the vitriolic remarks in seconds and without even knowing the back story of the incident that our stars go through.

Haters find their way to troll B-town beauties every now-n-then, for no reasons. And sometimes they do it just for fun, without thinking about the consequences and impact there are creating in those stars’ lives.

Where Bollywood actresses are subjected to showcase their bold choices with the fanciest and the boldest outfits for multiple events, they are also imperiled to the much-hated social media trolling.

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Here are 5 recent events where our B-town beauties got socially trolled for wearing their confidence right.

1. Priyanka Chopra While Meeting Our Nation’s PM
PC’s recent meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the news along with getting socially trolled for her “inappropriate” outfit and manners. She got slut-shamed for wearing a western dress (Coz, Of Course, Traditional Saree Is The Dress Code For Meeting PM, Right!), and not sitting appropriately in from of him. This happened while she was in Berlin for the premiere of Baywatch, and coincidently bumped into our PM.

Priyanka-Chopra-While-Meeting-Our-Nation’s-PMimage source:

2. Deepika Padukone While Shooting For ‘Maxim’ Magazine
“Cheap”, “vulgar”, and “disgusting” is how Deepika got socially trolled for wearing bold garments while shooting for the Maxim’s cover shoot. Because trolls think and know better what she should wear and suits her best, so they suggest her to wear “only traditional dresses” or get body-shamed for no reason.

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3. Fatima Sana Sheikh While Chilling At The Beach
We all know that the month of Ramzan is going on, and as per the social trolls, it is methodical for every Muslim girl to keep themselves in Pardah, even if you are a famed star. How typical of you social trolls! Fatima was socially trolled for wearing a bikini during the holy month of Ramzan, especially after being a Muslim, like she has no life or choice of her own.

Fatima-Sana-Sheikh-While-Chilling-At-The-Beachimage source:

4. Disha Patani While Showcasing Her ‘Revealing’ Outfit At Filmfare Awards
Social trolls think that the perfect way to explicit our Indian traditions and custom is to slut-shame Indian actresses on social media for their bold outfits. And so did they told Disha Patani for wearing that bold black outfit to the Filmfare Award Event. She got socially trolled for not “respecting” her Indian culture and wearing that ‘too-much revealing’ outfit.


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5. Sonam Kapoor While Enjoying A Launch Event
When have you seen Sonam Kapoor keeping it low, especially if we talk about her bold and stunning outfits for even the simplest of events? And why not, you don’t really expect an actress to wear a salwar kurti to a launch event, do you? So, why did she get socially trolled earlier this year, for wearing this bold black outfit, that is perfectly showcasing her assets, which she is proud to do so?

Sonam-Kapoor-While-Enjoying-A-Launch-Eventimage source:

Come on guys, isn’t it natural to show off your assets when you are a part of such huge stardom, especially entertainment industry! Then why all this unnecessary trolling and body-shaming is still supported, when you can admire their beauty and true confidence? Learn positivity and prevent social media trolling, to become a free-spirited nation.

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