Bollywood’s Best Filmy Tributes To Single Motherhood

Hats off to the women who raise their kids under the tag of single parenthood! This is in special refence to the mothers, who single handedly manages everything, from home to work to kids and their responsibilities, without even complaining, ever!

Being a Single Mom is definitely not an easy job, but you dedicate your whole life thinking and caring about how well you can raise your kids, teach them to differentiate between right & wrong, and do everything humanly possible to protect them.

That’s exactly what our Bollywood has successfully showed us time and again, paying its great filmy tribute to the single motherhood, giving us a list of amazing hits to make us understand what being a single parent really means.

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Jaya Bachchan played an outstanding role in the Bollywood Blockbuster KAL HO NAA HO. Jennifer Kapoor, a widowed mother of three, struggling to make her family happy, in every way possible, without having to beg in front of anyone.
never fended for her husband’s coward move of committing suicide, and always loved his illegitimate child as her own. And most importantly, always stood for what’s right, never bared the pressure of society to have her kids shamed of her decisions.

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Swara Bhaskar, as we all know, is a great actress, who has portrayed an amazing role of a single mother in NIL BATTEY SANNATA, supporting the dreams of her loving daughter. While trying to make her daughter’s life better by encouraging her to perform better in school, she herself ends up enrolling in high school, turning her life around and better.

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Ratna Pathak, an outstanding actress, has played the role of Savitri, a widowed single mother of college going boy, Jai (Imran Khan), the coolest mother that Bollywood’s fan must have witnessed till that point.

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The best of the movie that all the fans loved was Savitri’s camaraderie with her dead husband’s moving and talking portrait, which comes to life occasionally.

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The epic comeback of Madhuri Dixit made a mark on all our hearts, from the peppy dance numbers to the unforgettable romantic musical drama. Portraying a single mother, divorced from her husband, and a beautiful daughter to love and care about.

Spreading joy through her art and upbeat nature, Dia (Madhuri Dixit) returned to her hometown, living life on her own terms and making Shamli a better place to praise art in a better way.

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5. PAA
Vidya Balan, playing the role of Vidya, a single unwed mother to a specially-abled child, Auro (Amitabh Bachchan), diagnosed with progeria, fighting with his disease and life to give him all the happiness in whatever time if life he is left with.

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And not to forget the classic Bollywood blockbuster of all times, MOTHER INDIA, a story of a young poor woman, a mother of two sons, struggling to feed her hungry kids, fighting with this cruel world to survive and stay safe while doing so. Teaching her kids to take the right path even if you go through hell to succeed to get thru it.

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