7 Celebs Who Were Found Dead in Bizarre Circumstances

People come and go but the show keeps going on; this is our beloved Bollywood. Among these, some celebs do make indelible marks on our hearts with their acting skills and personality too. And it truly becomes almost impossible to forget them. But, few of them being successful cannot handle the pressure and hurdles of life and decide to end their lives. So, in this article, we have shared a list of celebs, who were found dead in some very strange circumstances.

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1. Kuljeet Randhawa

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She was a confident model who turned into an actress and it was quite a shocker when news about her death came out. It was quite difficult for everyone to accept this fact that such an amazing actress who was enjoying fame, can take such a drastic step. Kuljeet was found dead in her Juhu apartment with a suicide note in which she mentioned she was not able to handle life’s pressure.

2. Silk Smitha

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She was famous in the industry for her erotic roles. She worked in front of the camera for seventeen years and also tried producing movies. But later series of failed relationship, depression and alcohol pushed her to a commit suicide.

3. Jiah Khan

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She made her mark in Bollywood being cast opposite to Amitabh Bachchan in the movie Nishabdh. Later, she also bagged a role in the movie Ghajini. But it was quite shocking when the 25-year-old actress was found in her Juhu apartment hanging from a ceiling fan. At the spot, a suicide note of six pages and a personal diary was found in which she expressed her unhappiness about a failed relationship and tortures.

4. Parveen Babi

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This amazing actress was living a lonely life and also suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Later, her post-mortem results revealed that she starved herself to death.

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5. Nafisa Joseph

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She won the pageant of Miss India in the year 1997 and was a known personality ever since she won the VJ hunt and hosted a show for more than five years. Later, she also acted in a TV series and also did a cameo in movies. Nafisa decided to end her life after her marriage was cancelled. According to her parents, her fiancé cheated on her as he was not divorced. In 2004, she was found dead in a flat in Versova.

6. Divya Bharti

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Her death is still a mystery. Some people think that she committed suicide and a few others believe that she was pushed from the fifth floor of her apartment. Later, police concluded the case stating that it was suicide.

7. Sunanda Pushkar

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A lot of questions were raised on the sudden death of Sunanda’s death. After a controversy, she was found dead in a hotel room in Delhi. Officials suspected it to be a suicide but later her post-mortem showed that cause of death was not natural.

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