Chew This: 10 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Foods for Healthy Teeth


Teeth are the most important part of our body as it helps in chewing the food and breaking them into small particles. It also adds beauty to our face with its dazzling shine. So, it becomes very important to maintain a good oral hygiene. Brushing is a very important task that you should perform two times a day to maintain healthy teeth and for avoiding mouth odor. But there are few studies which have shown that besides brushing, one can include some foods in their diet to maintain a good oral health. Here is the list of foods for healthy teeth.

1. Whole grains

Whole grainsImage Source: heart

Try to consume more of those foods which contain whole grain like brown rice, bran, pasta, cereals as they have rich content of iron and Vitamin B which are very beneficial for your gums. Plus, it also contains manganese that can help in strengthening your bones and teeth. And fiber content of the whole grains can also help in easing the process of digestion.

2. Milk products

Milk productsImage Source: ccm2

Cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese etc. are the milk products which are very helpful for maintaining your oral health. Milk is known as the best source of calcium and the foods that contain a high amount of phosphorous and calcium can help in preventing tooth decay and can strengthen your teeth.

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3. Celery

CeleryImage Source: tqn

Celery tastes bland and for this reason it is not loved by many people. But you can also use it as your natural toothbrush as it helps in removing the bacteria and the remaining food particles from your teeth. And the high content of vitamin C and A can further help in maintaining the health of your gums.

4. Sprouted beans

Sprouted beansImage Source: indiaphile

Sprouted beans are very healthy if eaten early in the morning. Sprouts not only help in improving metabolism but also help in losing fat. Besides this, the sprout is that food item that can render food health for your teeth as they have rich content of fiber that induces your salivary glands and develops minerals that can help in preventing tooth decay.

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5. Nuts

NutsImage Source: bbcgoodfood

Nuts like peanut, cashew, walnut, pistachios etc. contain a high amount of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which are very good for your teeth health. Try to have a small bowl of nuts as an appetizer to maintain good health.

6. Lentils

LentilsImage Source: wikimedia

Lentils like moong dal and masoor dal are a very rich source of protein and also aid in the process of digestion. And the roughage content present in the lentils also helps in maintaining gum health and increasing the process of salivation. It also neutralizes the alkalis and acids present in the mouth. Thus, preventing tooth decay.

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7. Carrots

CarrotsImage Source: well-beingsecrets

Carrots are very good for your teeth as it increases the production of saliva which can reduce the risk of cavities. Also it is a good source of soluble fiber and vitamin A which is very beneficial for your health. Try to add this super vegetable in your diet to reap its benefits.

8. Apples

ApplesImage Source: well-beingsecrets

Apples are the natural sweeteners that contain a high amount of fiber and water which is really good for your teeth. The crunchiness of the apples induces the secretion of more saliva which can reduce the chances of the cavity and also helps in removing the bacteria and remaining food. And eating one apple daily is really good for your gum health.

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9. Cucumber

CucumberImage Source: sickchirpse

No doubt that cucumber is one of the best appetizers as it aids in the process of weight loss and also helps in boosting oral health by increasing the secretion of saliva. It also removes the bacteria and existing food particles from your teeth to prevent tooth decay.

10. Leafy green vegetables

Leafy green vegetablesImage Source: inforum

Most of us are aware of the various health benefits of green vegetables like weight loss, improving the process of digestion etc. But there are few veggies like broccoli, kale and spinach are very good for your teeth as they contain a high amount of minerals and vitamins. It also considered as a great source of calcium that can create a shield around your teeth to strengthen your enamel. Apart from this green vegetables also contains folic acids that can aid in the treatment of gum disease.

So, these were the few foods for healthy teeth that you should include in your diet for maintaining a good oral hygiene.