7 Bizarre Myths About Periods That One Should Know


Different people have different beliefs and stories associated with a particular thing. And there are a few things that convert into a myth after a certain period of time. A lot of women have different assumptions and myths associated with periods. But not everything is true. And in the recent time, we have heard many bizarre myths coming up which should be stopped at once.

Here are some of the bizarre myths associated with periods:

1. You can’t swim

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This is one of those myths that should be dumped at once. This is not at all true. In fact, you can swim even when you are on periods. You just need to make sure that you wear a proper period protection like a menstrual cup or tampons. And as an alternative, you can enjoy sunbathing instead of swimming by wearing a pad under your swimsuit.

2. You can’t exercise

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This is the most common thing that we have heard from decades. People think that exercising during this time can have a negative impact on their body, but this is not true. In reality, exercising during periods can actually help you a lot to deal with menstrual cramps and mood swings because when you exercise a chemical named as endorphins is released in your body which reduces the level of stress and anxiety which makes you feel energized.

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3. Tampons can affect your virginity

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No wonder it is the strangest thing that one has heard of. People should know this, that tampons have no connection with their virginity. Virginity is basically considered as a term which defines the state of a person who has never been indulged in an intercourse. So, there is no connection between tampons and virginity. There are chances that you might break the hymen while inserting it, but this does not mean that you are not a virgin. You will still be a virgin.

4. The period lasts exactly for a week

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This is not true at all. Everyone’s body is different and they react differently to a situation. Like two women can never have a same menstrual cycle. And if your cycle is shorter like for 3 to 4 days, then it is completely fine. It is not necessary that your cycle should be exact for 7 days.

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5. If you miss a period then it means you are pregnant

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It is not necessary that if you miss a period, it means you are pregnant. There are a lot of reasons behind this irregularity beside this. It can happen because of illness, stress, weight and bad eating habits. And missing it in the first year is very common. In some cases, it can even go on for 6 months to a year. So, it is always better to consult a doctor so that you can figure out the actual reason behind this.

6. Periods stop when you get into the water

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Well, this is again a myth. Your period doesn’t stop when you get into the water. There are chances that it might not flow out because of the pressure of water. So, this point is a false.

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7. You can’t get pregnant during periods

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It is true that you can’t ovulate during periods, but in some situations, you cannot predict the things. There are chances that you might get pregnant when you have irregular periods. Because in some cases you bleed, but it is not necessary this happened because of periods. So, before assuming anything look into the various aspects because once a sperm is released in your body, it can stay in your vagina for 3 to 5 days which means there are chances that you might get pregnant.

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