7 Common texting habits that happy couples follow!

It is very common to exchange messages in the initial stages of a relationship. But there are few couples who have their own set of rules. These few rules are not just amazing but also promote healthy texting habits among couples. And there are many happy couples who follow this.

So, let’s have a look.

1. The mandatory good morning message

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No matter where they are or in which time zone, they always leave a morning message for each other to start the day with a happy note.

2. They never fight over messages

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They never ever fight over messages instead of this they call each other and talk over the phone.

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3. Keep a check on each other

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If they don’t manage to talk over the phone during work, they make sure that they leave a message to know about each other whereabouts. This is simply a great gesture to show concern towards each other.

4. They speak openly

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They never like to leave a message like ‘we need to talk’. Instead of that they will meet and talk to each other about anything they want to discuss.

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5. Inform each other when not available

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Happy couples always sign off by informing their partners that they won’t be available as they have an important meeting or work to catch up.

6. No long messages

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Most of the couples don’t send each other long expalining each and every thing in detail because this cab be done over a phone call in a better way.

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7. The traditional I LOVE YOU message

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The happy couples never miss out a chance to express their love for each other. They always make sure to message each other “I love you”.

So, these were the few common texting habits of the happy couples.

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