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6 Most Common Underwear Mistakes That Can Affect Your Health


“Underwear” is something which people usually feel shy to talk about. And some places it is even prohibited to speak this word in front of people. But there are a lot of issues and problems related to it, one should know and there are many underwear related mistakes we probably make knowingly or unknowingly sometimes. There a lot of men and women who face issues because of the common underwear mistakes.

So, in this post, we have listed some common underwear mistakes that you should know to avoid health problems.

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1. Tight fit

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Wearing tight fit underwear can cause skin irritation, poor blood circulation and also result in pinched nerves. So, it is always suggested to wear normal fit panties to avoid skin problems down there.

2. Scented detergents

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Washing it with scented detergents that contain harsh chemicals can affect your skin later in future. The laundry detergents that you use for washing clothes can cause vaginal irritation, infection and redness too.

3. Sweaty underwear

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This is the most common mistakes that people do. Because of the sweating down there can result in a moist and warm environment that can cause yeast and fungal infections later on. Always change the sweaty underwear after the gym sessions or you will put your health at risk.

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4. Thongs

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The thongs are easily movable back and forth which increases the chances of cross-contamination and also transport the bacteria like E which also make you prone to bladder and urinary infections.

5. Fancy fabrics

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The fancy fabrics in this include satin, lace, and spandex that trap the moisture down there which increases the chances of infection. So, always try to wear those fabrics that at least allow your skin to breathe to avoid ailments.

6. Wearing it several times

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The risk of infections increases, even more, when we wear them repeatedly without washing it or wearing it for a longer time as it can cause bacterial and fungal infections.

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