Did You Know These 12 Amazing Uses Of Table Salt!

Every household uses table salt, but not many people are aware of the great uses of this magical ingredient, which are other than being put in food items.

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So, go through our list of 12 great uses of our common table salt and go try some for yourself.

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1. Get Rid Of Onion Smell

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The easiest way to get rid of that awful smell of raw onion from your hands is to wet your hands first and then rubbing some table salt over them. Wash off with water.

2. Treat Your Pimple

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Apply salt water on the pimple to shrink it without leaving a mark behind. It can also treat small oral wounds as well.


3. Get Rid Of Shoe Odor

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Shoe odor is definitely embarrassing, so the easiest way to get rid of it is to put a cloth bag (that can fit onto the shoe) full of table and see the difference in just 2 hours!

4. Make Homemade Paints

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For making homemade paints, mix one cup of flour in one cup of water and salt. Then add a few drops of the edible food colors, as per the shade you require, and mix them all well together. You have your paint ready!

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5. Keep Your Sliced Fruits Fresh

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The best thing that table salt does is that it keeps the sliced fruits fresh once it gets sprinkled over them, protecting them from discoloration also.

6. Eliminate Odors From Your Room

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To get rid of that awful odor in your room, simply take half a cup of table salt and add at least 30 drops of essential oil and place it somewhere near window or table. Or you can also pour enough salt mixture over a half-peeled orange to make it more natural.

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7. Sparkle Up Your Kitchen Sink

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One of the best uses of table salt is that your sink would look like they are pulled out from the packing boxes right away! Prepare a paste of table salt and lemon juice, then wipe your sink from that paste.

8. It Acts As A Great Fire Extinguisher While Cooking

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Greasy dishes often catches fire and to extinguish those greasy fires, table salts are the best thing that you can use.

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9. Clean Your Burnt Iron

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Does your iron box get stick to your clothes? Don’t worry, you don’t need to replace them yet! All you need to do is sprinkle enough table salt on a wooden surface or a sand paper and run your hot iron box over it. Voila! Now you have a clean and new-like iron box ready to be used again.

10. Shine Up Your Copper Vessels

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Make a mixture of vinegar, table salt and flour, and clean your copper vessels with the solution. It will keep them shiny and clean for a longer time.

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11. Get Relief From A Mosquito Bite

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If you want relief from that itchy mosquito bite, then just moisten your fingertip and dip it into the table salt. Now rub it gently over the mosquito bite and you will get quick relief.

12. Make Your Candles Drip-Free

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Wish to have that perfect candlelight dinner at home, without having to clean the candle’s mess later, simply dip your candle a few hours before your dinner’s time and don’t forget to dry the out properly.

Now go ahead and try a few of these amazing tricks to see if they actually work, and share your experience with us!

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