5 Ways In Which Biryani Is Different From Pulao

The main difference between biryani and pulao is the preparation method. For biryani draining method of cooking is used whereas pulao is made through absorption method. The spices used in preparing biryani are high as compared to pulao and this is the reason behind the rich aroma and texture.

So, here are some points that will help us in differentiating between biryani and pulao.

1. Origin

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Biryani was originated on the Indian subcontinent among the Muslim community. And pulao has its origin in Central Asia.

2. Technique of preparation

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For biryani rice is boiled before and then it is drained but in case of pulao, the amount of water or stock is used for cooking rice and vegetables in the dish.

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3. Layering

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Biryani is always prepared in layers and one of the layers is devoted to meat or vegetables. Whereas in case of pulao the meat, vegetables, and rice are sautéed together and then cooked with a particular quantity of water.

4. Spices

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The amount of spices used in preparing biryani is higher than that of pulao.

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5. Duration

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Preparation of biryani is a very time-consuming process as compared to pulao and it made in a sealed container on low flame on the other hand pulao is cooked on medium flame and hence it is prepared quickly.


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