8 Different Types Of Pasta You Should Know About!

Pasta is an Italian cuisine which is very famous among masses especially with the red sauce and white sauce. But do you guys know that there are eight different varieties of pasta from which we can prepare more than hundred dishes?

Let’s have a look at the different varieties of pasta.

1. Penne

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This is one of the most famous varieties of pasta which is served in many parts of India., Peene looks absolutely appetizing when served with red sauce and white sauce.

2. Spaghetti

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Traditional Italian spaghetti is made of milled flour and water which is served as a main dish with a tossing of tomato sauce or with broth. And if you want to eat it in a simple way just cook it with some olive oil and add the sauce that you desire for and you are done.

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3. Orzo

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Most of you will think it is rice but it’s actually pasta which is known as Orzo. This is used often in making salads and soups. You can also mix this with veggies to create a side dish.

4. Gnocchi

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This tiny dumpling like pasta is made with egg, flour, and potato.You can cook it cheddar cheese, green veggies as a healthy main course.

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5. Fettuccine

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This flat version of pasta is made with egg and flour. Fettuccine is very popular in Roman Tuscan cuisines.And the best part it goes well with the red and white sauce and also with the green veggies.

6. Orecchiette

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This pasta referred as small ear which is made in this shape to collect sauce so that every bite of it is amazing to taste. This goes well with the sauces that are full of meat and veggies.

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7. Pappardelle

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Another version of flat pasta which is mainly served with the thick sauce.You can also make this with spring onions and coriander leaves to add aroma.For crunch, you use sesame seeds as toppings.

8. Ravioli

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This cute pillow looking pasta are filled with cheese and meat and veggies depending on taste. This is a baked and fried version of pasta which is served with chili sauce. You can also splutter some olive oil on top to enhance its taste.


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