Dipa, Sakshi, PV Sindhu and Aditi- How Girls Made Us Proud in Rio Olympics 2016

It won’t be an overstatement to say that it was a nail biting match between Pusarla Venkata Sindhu from India and Carolina Marin from Spain. Even though she bagged a silver medal and missed the gold by just a few points, she became the most successful woman at the Olympics. She became the first Indian woman to win a silver medal at Olympics and created a history that India is going to cherish forever. And no, she wasn’t alone in the league. P.V. Sindhu along with Dipa Karmakar and Sakshi Malik made the earlier unexpected possible. Let’s pause, take a breath and sing all the glories to our women players who fought like girls do. It reminded us the vitally importance presence of Indian women in our History.

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Achievement of this trio can’t be judged by the medals they scored. They’ve become more than a sum of their performances. Gymnastics, wrestling, and badminton- all the three games known for strength, fortitude and flexibility. And these 3 women have gone extreme lengths to redefine the history of women in Indian sports. Just when our country was struggling hard to secure a name in the Rio Olympics 2016, these women brought hope and sparked up the Olympics for each and every Indian. The adrenaline rush was felt among the Indians sitting several miles away from Rio, glued to their television screens and biting their nails in curiosity.

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First, it was Dipa who sent us jumping on our chairs and she took the thought of winning the medal out of our minds. She took our heart along with her as she progressed towards her vault. Her composure, her daring looks and her poise sent us a message, “Look while I’m going to make the History.” She entered the territory where which was still unexplored by Indian sport.

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And when Dipa was done, more Indian women were ready to step forward. And yet again, two more girls. Sakshi Malik and P.V. Sindhu. Extracting the last ounce of her energy and muscles, she valiantly pounced towards her success, towards the bronze medal. She kept searching for the way to drive her opponent into the danger position. And then she, like a prowling tiger, attacked her prey. This Indian Woman Wrestler was extruding just three words with her eyes; valour, insurgence, and confidence.

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No one is unaware of P.V. Sindhu’s close combat in Women’s Badminton Final with the 21-year old World Champion Carolina Marin. The nation watched with the billion hearts beating and wishing for the unimagined to happen. While the nation is still under the celebrations for P.V. Sindhu’s victory, another woman is ready to take make the country proud yet again. Aditi Ashok, the Indian teen woman golfer is all set in action to bring a medal to India. At the young age of 18, she secured her good name in Indian Sport to remain India’s only woman golfer at Rio Olympics 2016.

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As they say, when everything fails, women come to the rescue with all their divine capabilities. They have been taking India to the heights in a glorified way since ages and they are still continuing with the same.

Salute to the Womanhood!

More power to women all across the globe!

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