DIY Hairspray for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a major turnoff during winters and hairspray can be a hole-in-your-wallet. But who says you always need a hairspray to tame your frizzy hair? Here is a DIY recipe of a hairspray to save you from those bad hair days. You can make this easily at home without worrying about the ingredients.

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4 tbsp. Aloe Vera Gel
40 ml distilled water
2 tbsp. grapeseed oil
12 drops argan oil
An empty spray bottle

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How to Make?
1. Take a clean empty spray bottle.
2. Add some water in it. Add aloe vera gel to it.
3. Add the argan oil to the mixture.
4. Now add some grapeseed oil.
5. Shake the contents of the bottle carefully till all the ingredients are mixed properly.

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Use this hairspray to detangle your hair without leading to breakage. Spray this DIY serum on your mane when they are wet. This spray will detangle your hair in no time. You can carry this bottle in your purse and spritz it on your mane whenever they feel frizzy and unmanageable. Apply the spray on the mid -lengths and the ends of your hair. Comb your hair like you do. You can also use it as a facial mist. Isn’t it a pleasant surprise?

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What are the Benefits of this DIY Hair Spray?
Aloe vera cleanses, nourishes and protects your hair while grapeseed oil is responsible for hair growth. Grapeseed oil makes your hair look glossy without making it oily. Argan oil moisturizes your strands from within. It is a natural hair conditioner and is used many haircare products as an active ingredient as well. This hairspray also reduces split ends and hair breakage.

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