Dreadful Mistakes Made While Writing An Email

It is common to make mistakes, but making dreadful mistakes and never learning from them is pure idiocy! As we are talking about emails here, most of you must be making mistakes while writing emails on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean you will stop writing only.

Typos and spelling errors are very common, even when we chat on regular basis, but sometimes our mistakes can make us feel embarrassed amongst others, for making such silly mistakes.

Little errors like spelling mistakes can be ignored sometimes, but that would be pretty obvious to have sent your dietary requirements for the upcoming party to the entire office. But these mistakes can be potentially detrimental, particularly if you trying to make a good first impression or applying for a new job.

So, we have gathered up some common yet dreadful mistakes that people make while writing an email. And how you can fix them, even when it’s too late.

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When You Accidentally Hit The ‘Reply All’ Option!

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You just accidentally sent your RSVP for an important event or opinion about some upcoming private event, with a ‘reply-all’ option. This can cause a great annoyance if you work in a massive company, and also can create confusion at a small workplace.

Instead, you can follow up with an apology mail, saying it was not meant for all, and leaving it to that.

When You Inadvertently Writes Someone Else’s Name!

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This might be considered as a cardinal sin for many, as getting someone’s name wrong shows that you lack interest and attention to the minute details.

You can either sent an apologetic email right after the previous one, after making the correction of course and keep in mind to re-read the whole content and the recipients at least twice before sending the email.

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When You Pressed The ‘Send’ Option Too Soon!

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Whether it’s a result of being in a rush or any other factor like using the phone to send emails on a bumpy ride etc., it happens more often than you know. At many points, it is obvious to the recipient, but sometimes it might make the reader feel like you are being plain blunt!

Instead of sending an apologetic email as a follow-up, you can send the next email immediately with the remaining content that you were meaning to add in your previous mail. Also, to avoid this situation to ever repeat, put yourself as the recipient first, and don’t change until you are sure about the correct content.

When Autocorrect Turned It Into Something Weird!

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To many, sending something without checking its grammar, spellings or the missing content is very irresponsible and shows that you are either multitasking with your phone for doing so, or you are not bothered enough to give importance to the allotted task. It points out your lack of attention and interest in the matter.

You can always apologize as soon as you realize that you have made a spelling mistake, or you can just put in some efforts to go through your written content once before finally sending it.

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When You Get Misinterpreted, Accidentally!

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Retract, correct and apologize, as soon as you realize that your mail could be misinterpreted by the reader on the other side. Sending a follow up is a good idea, although it’s even better if you go through your written content at least twice before sending it off to the recipient.

When You Unintentionally Attach The Wrong File!

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This mistake does not happen as often as the others might, but still, a mistake is a mistake after all, and a heart filled apology remains due to explain the situation further.

The best thing that you can do here is follow up with an explanation to what and why have you sent that attachment, and immediately call up after the mail.

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