KNOW MORE: 6 Common Dreams And What They Reveal About Us

We all dreams. Don’t we? But have you ever thought that what these dreams mean, what they are trying to tell us? Many people say that dreams sometimes interpret the correct thing for them. But according to a famous psychologist, Fred dreams are nothing but an impression of sub conscious desires that we are not aware of consciously. So, here is the list of few common dreams and their meaning in real life.

1. Dream of being naked

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This dream is quite common among people in which they are embarrassed due to their nakedness. This kind of dreams basically indicates that you are disturbed by the fact that you are very vulnerable and how you will reveal in front of the world. This happens because you have hidden a personality within you and you are afraid that people will get to know the things that you are hiding.

2. Dream of being chased

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This kind of dream represents our reality of being anxious about a thing or a person following us. To put this in common words it means that whatever you are trying to prevent or avoid is what chasing you in your dreams. And it is also possible that you may find yourself trapped by the thing that is chasing you.

3. Dream of seeing death

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This dream can have different meaning depending on the surroundings. If you kill someone in your dream then that means you want to kill that part of the person in you. On the other hand, if you see someone close dying then that means it is new beginning and end of old things.

4. Dream of kissing and touching someone

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When you see the dream of touching someone that means that you want to express your feelings towards that person. And the intimacy and kissing indicate that you admire that person a lot and are happy for their existence. It is not necessary that intimacy always indicate sexual attraction.

5. Dream of falling

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This kind of dream usually indicates your worry towards something that you are losing your life. It also indicates towards failure and inability to do something. The cause of fall also indicates a lot about you. If you fall because of losing balance then it means instability that lead to failure and if you lost your balance while holding on then that means you are trying to find a reliable source to hold on.

6. Dream of losing teeth

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This kind of dream is surprisingly common which means feeling out of control. It indicates worry towards losing power over oneself and his/her life. It also means that the person has no strength to face what is coming towards them.


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