Easy and Handy Tips to Upgrade your Wardrobe!!

Every now and then we keep on looking for ways to revamp our closet and believe me the task is sometimes really haunting and have given me many sleepless nights. Though it is exciting to buy new stuffs and add fashionable accessories but seeing my wardrobe almost brimming with clothes gets me scary. So, to keep aside all the troubles and to help you out with the same, I have filtered few easier ways for the purpose.

Check out what all you must do to keep your wardrobe new and perfectly hot 🙂

  • Out the Old and Bring in New!

This is the first rule that you should stick to always! Once you have decided that few of your dresses have ended the journey with you get rid of them so that you can make place for your new friends. Segregate areas for the clothes section and for accessories and anything that you keep inside and then see how more managed you too can be!

  • Accessorize your Looks with Amazing Options!

Bracelets, belts, scarves and hats, you have all the options ready for you. You just need to look out for them. So didn’t I just get you another reason to call your friends and plan a weekend market trip this time? By accessorizing your looks, you can easily alter the way you look. Moreover, they are cheaper and make you look all dazzling like a queen *Blink*

  • Don’t Get Sticked to One Place!!

We all have favorites but that should not prevent you from trying new stuffs. You never know you might discover a new sense of style by buying things from the other shop. And this way you can also fight the monotonous looks easily.

  • Have you Swapped with your Friends?

This is again an economic idea like you can ask your friends to exchange those they no longer use in order to get yours. You can discover new styles and also under your budget without giving your BF a heart attack of paying those heavy bills 😉

  • Make it Your Own..!!

This is your wardrobe and none should alter your mind. You have your own sense of style and you must follow that only. So, it is your canvas and paint it with all your favourite colours.

Follow these ideas and make sure you enjoy amazing styles and let your pals guessing about your newly discovered fashion sense. 

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