Elle 18 Color Bombs Color Burst Lipstick Review

Product Claims…. The company claims that the lipsticks are safe for the lips. I shall here talk about the shade ‘spice-ginger’. The shade is a brown-beige color. The lipstick has a cocoa butter. The composition of the lipstick is not mentioned on the package. The shelf life of this lipstick is 30 months from the date of packaging. The lipstick is frosted and gives a very pretty look.

Elle 18 Color Bombs Color Burst Lipstick Review

Price Comparison…. You will not believe it?? The price of this lipstick is just 100 INR. Can you beat it?? And you know what, I got it from the shop where I got discount of Rs.5. girls, be happy because is not at all out of the reach of your pocket money. What are you waiting for?? Grab and grab one before it goes out of stock. My Experience…. You will always find this lipstick in my college bag. I choose only this lipstick because it is affordable and does not demand much of my savings. There are many girly shades available with this brand and I keep on trying every new shade. I flaunt them like anything among my friends. When my friends ask me the shade number, I hardly tell them. I don’t want anyone else to look hot like me…(self obsessed, you know). I am very happy and completely satisfied to use this lipstick. Photos and Swatches…. What I like about this product….

  • The ultimate advantage of these lipsticks is that they are highly reasonable.
  • Lipsticks are very handy and so, it becomes very easy to carry them in my handbag.
  • The color pay off of this brand’s lipstick is good.
  • Has a very cute packaging
  • Has a good staying power. Stays on lips for longer. 

What I do not like about this product….

  • I found that the package is though cute but, flimsy. It feels little awkward to take it out in public.
  • All The colors of this company are not available at single stores. I have to hunt for different shades at different stores which are of course, a disadvantage.

I think, it is serving my purpose very well. What else do you expect in a lipstick? it is smart and nice or daily use. So, a must have!!

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