Essential Tips for Silky Hair – Find out what you Should do!

I love styling my hair and this is the main reason they don’t look good natural, as they have been treated very harshly on almost daily basis. This is the main reason why I am always up for any suggestions that can make my hair look better. Not only better, but healthier as well! So do you want to know the amazing secrets? If yes, then let me tell you today what all you must do to make your tresses all silky just like those models in the advertisements. :), I know you always wanted that!

Silky Hair

Here we go….

  • Skip Shampoo Sometime…

Do not shampoo your hair everyday as the chemicals in them harm your scalp and tresses badly. So what should you do? To make your hair smell and appear all clean and good, use dry shampoo often. This is easier and also very effective.

  • Dive Deep this Time!

I mean to say into your scalp and see how much care and attention it requires! So make sure you deep condition your hair once a week, at least and make them damage proof. You spend all your day under sun and pollution and this one tip, you ought to remember or else, don’t complain when your hair look all messy in the end.

  • The Bristles of your Comb!!

Comb your hairAre you among those who do not pay much attention while buying a hair comb? The bristles on your comb help in managing the way your tresses will appear in the end. For example Boar Bristles can help you remove all dirt from your scalp and make you manage healthy mane.

  • Shield your Strands from Harm!

You love making new hair styles with dryers and hot iron but do you know they play a huge role in making your hair look all chapped and dry L sad but true! So whenever you use any product make sure you apply a coater to protect your silky mane.

  • Do you Rub them the Wrong Way?

If you have the habit of rubbing your hair vigorously with your towel then you are doing unnecessary harm to your hair. This will make them break easily. So be extra gentle while handling your dry hair and always use a leave in conditioner to manage the shine.

We all can achieve silky shiny hair if we keep some necessary info in our mind. So follow them and save million, okay many bucks easily 😉 

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