Essential Tips To Protect Your Baby From Harsh Diaper Rashes

Are you worried about your little one crying all day and night? Are you tired of those diaper rashes that cause suffering to your infant, but don’t have any idea what to do about them? Don’t worry mommies! You have landed on the right place.

In this article, you will know a few tips in which you can avoid getting diaper rashes on your baby’s inner thighs and bums.

The main reason behind diaper rashes is excessive wetness, or other reasons including tight diapers, non-sanitized cloth nappies and humid climate. This could cause your baby discomfort and leaves them crying all the time.

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Here are a few tips as follows, by following which your baby’s skin will stay healthy and your baby will be happy and giggling all the time:

• Try to keep their nappies dry, by changing more at certain intervals and keep their bottoms clean as much as you can.
• If your baby is suffering from a diaper rash then leave him/her free for a while, i.e. don’t put on the diaper and let the rash heal itself by giving it some time and air to pass thru.
• Aloe Vera gel is best to keep the rash moisture free and gives your baby a soothing sensation.

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• While washing cloth nappies, avoid using detergents, instead add ½ a cup of vinegar to the clean water and wash the dirty nappies in it. Detergent might be the reason that’s causing rashes in the first place.

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• Apply petroleum jelly to soothe the diaper rash on your baby’s delicate skin. It will help the itching and irritation to stop.

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• Stop using perfumed detergents and soaps
• Avoid using baby wipes, for that might be the reason of causing rashes. Use mild soap and lukewarm water instead to wipe your baby’s bums.
• Always allow the diaper area to get dry after the cleaning session before you put on another diaper on your baby.

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• Add a little amount of oatmeal in the bathing water of your baby. It will help the skin to get a relief and recover from the diaper rash.
• Throw off those plastic edged diapers, they are the worst things for your baby’s skin.
• Avoid scrubbing your baby’s bottoms, it may be the reason causing rashes. Instead, use cotton or a soft towel to wipe clean your baby’s bums.

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• Also, using a talcum powder on baby’s bottom is okay but try to sprinkle it on your baby’s torso, as it might be sulking into his/her lungs.


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