Every Woman Should Know These Facts Before Getting Pregnancy Tests Done

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It is a great feeling when she gets to know that soon she is going to give birth to a baby. But do you know that 100 years ago from now, most of the women didn’t have the clue whether they are pregnant or not? At that time, they predicted it on the basis of their periods. If it is missed then the lady is pregnant. But actually, it’s not a correct base to judge whether a woman is pregnant or not. Later, technology improvised and various testing mediums came in light.

But still, a question arises that how accurate is the pregnancy kit? Can we completely rely on the results? Well, you guys don’t need to worry as we have got answers to all your questions.

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Here, are a few facts that every woman should know before getting her pregnancy tests done:

1. Check the kit properly

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It doesn’t matter if you choose an expensive pregnancy test or a cheap one. Both can be a faulty sometimes. The difference between the two is simple as the cheap one shows simple lines and the expensive one just exactly shows whether you are pregnant or not. Instead of brand and style, you should focus more on the package, expiration date and other details.

2. Best timing for the test

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Yes, you read it right. The timings of the test also play a vital role in getting an accurate result. So, the perfect timing for the pregnancy test is at the time of your first pee. The reason for the timing is because of the hCG levels (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which help to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. So, for more accurate result test during your first pee.

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3. Results can be false

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Around 97% to 99% pregnancy tests are accurate but the rest two-three percent can be false. There are many reasons for this like, the type of medication you are taking. It can also happen because of the chemical pregnancy.

4. Cannot tell gender of baby

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Never trust those pregnancy test kits which claim that they can tell the gender of the baby on the basis of the hCG levels. It’s all crap as there is no such technology to predict the gender of a baby before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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5. Kits too expire

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Just like the medicines and other things the pregnancy kits also expire after a certain date. So, before testing always check in advance whether the kit is expired or not. And if you have stocks, don’t forget to check them before using.

6. Don’t drink too much water

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It is advised that you should not drink too much water before the pregnancy test as it dilutes the pee and the result is not accurate. So, try to avoid drinking more water before the test.

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7. Effects on results because of medicines

Effects on results because of medicinesimage source:

Your pregnancy test can get affected because of the medicines that you take for fertility. Other medicines for birth control and for normal usage doesn’t affect the result.

8. Don’t get confused with the faint lines

Don't get confused with the faint linesimage source:

Don’t get confused if you see a faint line on the pregnancy kit. It means you are pregnant. Most of the women get confused with the faint lines and think they are not pregnant. Well, it’s not true. And if you still have confusion, go to a Gynaecologist.

So, these were a few facts that every woman should keep in mind before using or going for a pregnancy test.


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