Fab Tips for the Hair Colour you always Wanted to Put on…!!

Coloring your hair is a tedious job, but only when you have no exact idea about how to do it. Though the trend is in, but if you try it without proper knowledge at your disposal, you will just make it worse for you. So to save yourself from the embarrassment, let me suggest you few fab ways that will support you on the colourful path. Don’t let it become a bad dream for you and make it work the glamorous way.

If you are planning to do it for the first time, then here is what all you must know and follow…. 🙂

  • Neutral and Cool Tones are Always In!!

If the final result that you want to get is light shade then you must opt for neutral tones. Check out those hair dyes that are cool and soothing. Warm tones, on the other hand, might leave a brassy sheen and this can ruin your look and mood as well.

  • Stock up on Hair Colour – This will Help!!

Purchase at least two tubes of the same colour that you are going to apply. This idea might seem useless or waste to you at first, but I can prove the need of the same. The fact is – standard tubes contain the amount to be applied on an average mane only, and if your hair are thicker and longer, you get less perfect result. Now tell? Isn’t the idea worth it!

  • Testing is Important!

Though it is not a scientific project that needs to get tested beforehand, yet you need to play it safe. No matter how good the product is, you can’t take the risk to skip testing part, or do you? Not only this, but the price of getting the mess right is higher than putting it all up. So, decide it yourself!

  • Curly Hair Absorbs Better!!

And that is why you need to take special care. They absorb more dye and also get darker faster. So the good results and the damage too will be quick. So to control that mix diluter more than the recommended amount and make it set right for you.

  • Pampering your Mane is also Necessary!

Just getting them a new look isn’t enough; you need to take care of them. This applies mainly for the blonde and red look as they come out as the worst if washed with wrong solution. Check out what all you must do to take care! 🙂