10 Face Oils Approved By Experts For Flawless Skin


Nowadays face oils have become a buzz in the skin care world where many experts and beauticians are suggesting people use it in their skin care regimes. Curious? Want to know more about the face oils that you can use to beautify your skin. Then, read on further.

Here is the list of face oils that you can use to make your skin flawless and beautiful:

An important point to remember before using these face oils. Have a patch test to avoid tingling sensation and harm.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut-oilimage source: prosourcecoconut

Coconut oil is very popular and is known for its various skin benefits. This oil has a moisturizing component which works like wonder for your skin. It is suited for all skin types but it works effectively on the dry and flaky skin.

2. Olive oil

Olive-oilimage source: alto-mar

When we talk about face oils how can we forget olive oil that works like magic for many skin related woes? Continuous use of this oil shows a visible difference in the short span of time.And apart from this, it keeps your skin spots free and hydrated.

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3. Argan oil

Argan-oilimage source: fashionelly

This oil is extracted from the argan tree. It is very helpful in treating serious skin conditions and also enhances the natural beauty of the skin. It also helps in fading blemishes.

4. Lavender oil

Lavender-oilimage source: enabledkids

Lavender oil is a very rich source of antibacterial and antioxidants properties which treats all the skin related issues like, spots, fine lines etc. Using this oil can bring a positive change in your skin appearance.

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5. Rosemary oil

Rosemary-oilimage source: essentialoilsanctuary

This oil is extracted from the leaves of rosemary leaves. It is used since ancient times for treating various skin related problems like eczema. Use it regularly for 1 month to see the positive result.

6. Neroli oil

Neroli-oilimage source: thelittlegreencreamcompany

This oil is produced from the orange tree and it also has a unique wooden fragrance. It also provides a refreshing glow to your skin and fades away the spots and blemishes from your skin.

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7. Ylang Ylang oil

Ylang-Ylang-oilimage source: shopify

This oil is extracted from the fresh flowers, which is very effective in treating ugly skin conditions and enhances the natural beauty of the skin.

8. Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood-oilimage source: naturalhealth365

Sandalwood oil has many skin benefits that can have a deep impact on your skin condition. It is very helpful in treating acne and signs of aging.

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9. Orange oil

Orange-oilimage source: pureoilguide

This oil is a rich source of antioxidants which improves the texture of your skin and also cleans all the impurities and dirt from skin that causes acne, blackheads etc.

10. Rosehip seed oil

Rosehip-seed-oilimage source: revija

This face oil is extracted from the bushes of rose. It is best known for its age defying vitamins and minerals which make people look younger.