8 Shockingly Amazing Facts About Human Body

We have 100,00 miles long blood vessels and breathe 50,000 times in a single day. Like this, there are more details to know about the human body that can surprise you. Just read the article to know more interesting facts about human body.

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Know more about human body:

1- What kills human faster? Hunger or sleep.

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A person would die faster from the lack of sleep than from hunger. If a person doesn’t sleep for 11 days it will cause his death. On the other hand, hunger would take more weeks.

2- Cells in human body

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Female eggs are the largest cell of the human body and male sperm is the smallest. Men sperm measure about 50 micrometers and female eggs are 30 times bigger, you can see them with your naked eye.

3- Breath rate

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Children can breathe up to 30-60 times in a minute. The youngster can breathe up to 20-30 times in a minute and adults can breathe up to 12-20 times in a minute.

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4- Surface area of your lungs

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Our lungs cover a total surface area of about 50 to 75 sq. meter. The surface area of lungs is equal to the surface area of a tennis court.

5- Best way to lose calorie

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If you will Bang your head against the wall, you can lose up to 150 calories.

6- Human hair

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Your hair grows at a speed of ½ inch per month. As your hair grows faster in summer and the time you are asleep. The length of your hair would be about 725 km.

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7- Part of your body which cannot heal itself

Part-of-your-body-which-cannot-heal-itselfimage source:

Teeth cannot heal itself once they are damaged. Because there are not any living cells present in them to heal.

8- Body part with no blood supply

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The cornea of the eye does not need a blood supply. They get oxygen from the air. They also healing itself faster than another part of the body. They can heal within 24-36 hours.

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