8 Silly Things That Every Delhiite Is Tired of Hearing!



If you are a Delhiite then you must have been through various judgmental statements for being a Delhiite. And there is a series of stereotype statements made by the people who have never been from Delhi. And the crazy fact that many people believe on such statements.

If you are a Delhiite then we are sure that you will be sick and tired of hearing these cliche statements:

1. People in Delhi usually do shopping from Sarojini Nagar, Right?

People in Delhi usually do shopping from Sarojini NagarImage Source: amazonaws

Like seriously. Well, people need to explore Delhi a bit more as they don’t know there are so many markets in Delhi to shop.

2. Delhi people are dumb

Delhi people are dumbImage Source: dumpaday

Like how can people can question someone’s intelligence on the basis of the place where they live. But people should know this that Delhi has some of the finest colleges of India.

3. Delhi is an unsafe place

Delhi is an unsafe placeImage Source: bleacherreport

Well, yes we can agree on this because many haunting incidents have took place in Delhi. But nowadays every place is unsafe.

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4. Mumbai is better than Delhi

Mumbai is better than DelhiImage Source: huffpost

People should stop comparing Delhi with any other state as every place has its own charm.

5. People in Delhi are too aggressive

People in Delhi are too aggressiveImage Source: dumpaday

People believe that Delhiite are too argumentative and aggressive and indulge into fights and drunken clashes.

6. They swear a lot!

They swear a lot!Image Source: etsystatic

Most of the people believe that Delhiites swear a lot and cannot end their conversations without using the cuss words.

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7. People in Delhi show off a lot!

People in Delhi show off a lot!Image Source: threadless

Most of the people think that people in Delhi like to show off their wealth but actually they just like to lead a luxurious life.

8. Delhiites are fans of Badshah and Honey Singh

Delhiites are fans of Badshah and Honey SinghImage Source: india

Come On! We also listen to other genres and musicians also.