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FITNESS SECRET: Shilpa Shetty Practices These Yoga Poses To Get A Perfect Figure


Shilpa Shetty is an actress who is known for her fitness regimes and yoga techniques. She is among those actresses who has mastered Yoga techniques. And through this expertise, she has earned a massive fan following. She is an actress who is actively involved in endorsing benefits of yoga.

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Here is the list of some Yoga asanas Shilpa Shetty practices that will not only help to shape your body but will also take care of your entire well-being:

1. Makrasana

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This is a yoga asana that Shilpa Shetty practices to relax her entire nervous system. This pose is commonly known as Crocodile pose in English.

How to do Makrasana

• Lay on your stomach by keeping cross hands under your forehead.
• Now, stretch your legs outwards as far as possible and close your eyes.
• Slowly inhale and relax.
• Hold this position for 2 minutes and relax.
• And gently bring your legs back together.

This is the best yoga pose to relax your entire body.

2. Padahastasana

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This yoga asana is great for losing belly fat. Well, now you know why Shilpa Shetty has such a flat tummy.

How to do Padahastasana

• Stand straight and inhale and lift your hands.
• Now slowly exhale and gently bend forward, your palms should touch your feet.
• Stay in that position for 30 seconds.
• After that exhale and stand.

This asana is very effective for your digestive system and also helps to make your body flexible.

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3. Ardha Salabhasana

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This asana is very effective in improving your digestive system and nervous system.

How to do Ardha Salabhasana

• Lay down on your stomach and place your chin on the ground.
• Now, place your palms on thighs.
• Gently inhale and raise your right leg high as much as possible.
• Hold the posture for 30 seconds.
• Now, exhale and bring your leg down.

This yoga posture is really good for shoulders and arms and also increases your appetite.

4. Dhanurasana

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This asana is effective in relieving stress and period cramps.

How to do Dhanurasana

• Lay down on your stomach and keep your hands around your legs.
• Now, gently tuck your knees and hold your ankles.
• Then, inhale and lift your chest and leg from the ground.
• Hold the posture for few seconds.
• And slowly release from the posture.

This asana is very good for your back and abdominal muscles. It is also a great stress reliever as it reduces period cramps.

So, these were a few asana Shilpa Shetty practices to remain flexible and fit.

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