Follow These 7 Rules To Avoid Heartbreak In Relationships

Once Cupid did his work of striking you with his arrow of love, he doesn’t hand over a rule book of how to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your partner! It is on you and your partner, how you two get through the hard & fast of the changing waters in your relationship.

While you are sitting on one side of that love seesaw, here are a few tips you can use to make things wee-simpler, between you and your better half.

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1. Avoid Doing Stuff That You Wouldn’t Want Him To Do Either

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There’s one thing that you must always remember in your relationship, rules are meant to be applied on both and not just one. If you have set some ground rules for your guy like no late-night talks with girlfriends, no keeping in touch or befriending the ex, or no Friday night Basketball games with guys, then also keep in mind that these rules stand for you as well. No happily befriending that ex of yours, no girls’ night out on Friday nights or guy pals to chat with without letting your guy know about it.

2. Never Ever Forget Your First Loves, Your Friends!

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It goes without saying that friends are for life and the most crucial part of your life. But as soon as you step into a committed relationship, you start ignoring your friends to the fullest. Hooking up with a guy doesn’t mean that you stop loving your friends at all. Yes, you might not get enough time as you used to, but whatever remains should never be let go of.

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3. Don’t Use That ‘L’ Word Not Until You Mean It

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People often mistake like for love and end up tackling with a bad or ruined relationship. So, before you decide on saying that ‘L’ word out loud, make sure that you really feel that way for your partner as well. and it is better to say it when you actually mean it!

4. Sort Out YOUR Issues By Yourself

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It’s the two of you who are in this relationship, and not the third person you are trying to get involved into the matters. Every relationship faces issues, but that doesn’t mean you get others involved to sort out your personal problems with others advise. Most arguments don’t even require any outsider’s involvement, so it’s better that you first try to sort things out between the two of you, then seek for outside help.

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5. Cheating Is Not The Solution!

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We get it that you might have been bored of your relationship, but cheating on your partner is never the right solution to boredom! There are two things that you can do, either try to spunk up your relationship or simply walk out of it. Make sure that you discuss things with your partner first, telling him about your desires and ideas, and even if then things don’t work, then I guess you have no reason to stay for long.

6. Never Compare Your Present With Your Ex

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Don’t ever do this mistake of comparing two different people with each other. No matter how much of a darling your ex might have been, he is not the one standing in this relationship with you, your present partner is, and he is a different person for whom you excepted him to be. Stay happy with what you have right now, instead of dwelling on your past!


7. Care Now Or Cry Later!

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There’s a pretty good chance that if you don’t show your partner how much you love and care for them, as much and as often as they do for you, then you might lose them forever. If you are not caring, then maybe there’s someone else who does.

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