5 Foods That Every Bride-To-Be Can Eat Before Her Wedding

Every bride-to-be wants to look her best on the day of her wedding. And we will agree on this fact that these days are the enjoyable but stressful too in a way. In order to look amazing, beautiful and stress-free on the wedding day many brides-to-be hop on to strict healthy diet as they don’t want to gain weight till their wedding day. But do you know that a few foods that you can consume before wedding without worrying about the weight gain.

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Here is the list of foods that every bride-to-be can eat without worrying about her weight gain:

1. Dark Chocolate

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This is something that every woman love. Most of the ladies consume it at the times of stress and panic. But do you guys know that dark chocolate is made of 70-80% of cocoa and they are less sweet as compared to other chocolates? So, if you crave for chocolates then hop on to dark ones as they are best for you.

2. Red sauce pasta

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You can make this super delicious dish healthy by adding tomato sauce with veggies which are packed with antioxidants like beetroot, broccoli and much more. You can also add some skimmed milk cheese to it to make it tastier. And for this recipe, it is better if you pick whole wheat pasta.

3. Nuts

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Instead of munching packed and fried foods resort to healthy baked and roasted snacks like papads, nuts like almonds and walnuts that are really good for your health and provides your body with healthy fats.

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4. Veggies and fruits

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Instead of munching spicy, salty and fried food try to consume fresh fruits and vegetables which are loaded with antioxidants and keep the toxins away from your body. The fibre content of some fruits and vegetables provide you the sense of fullness that prevents unhealthy hunger pangs.

5. Milk shakes and fruit juices

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During your wedding celebrations while shopping we consume a lot of calorie loaded drinks from cafes and restaurants which are not good for your health. But you can hop on to fresh fruit juices and smoothies made up of skimmed milk and ice. You can also add chopped fruits on top and you can also drink unsweetened fruit juice during that duration.


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