Foundation Vs Concealer – What Comes First!!!

The question what comes first – foundation or concealer, has actually become a riddle which is as popular as who came first, egg or the chicken. Lots of ladies have been engaged in this debate for years. Many say that foundation comes first and many say that concealer is to be applied first before foundation. So let’s solve this mystery and find out the actual answer of foundation vs concealer debate.


Foundation Vs Concealer

The chief difference between concealer and foundation is the procedure of application. Foundation is applied on the entire face whereas the concealer requires to be applied on problematic areas or imperfections such as under eye dark circles, blemishes, pimples and expression lines. Foundation is of thin consistency as compared to concealer and it generally comes in large tubes or glass bottles. On the other hand, Concealer usually comes in small tubes and appears like a lipstick. Now when you are aware of the difference between foundation and concealer, let’s go into the details to know what exactly needs to be applied first- foundation or concealer.

Foundation or Concealer First

The answer to this question “what applies first foundation or concealer” is none other than foundation. Foundation assists in creating a base for the face and it evens out your skin tone too. Concealer covers up the blemishes, spots and imperfections on your face. In case the concealer is applied first, then you will brush off all your labour while putting the foundation on.

Most of the people say that if you require putting on very light concealer coverage, then you should prefer applying it before foundation. This way foundation will help wiping off the coverage of concealer to an extent. Also, if you want heavy concealer coverage, then you should apply concealer before foundation. Now let’s have a look at simple and quick ways to apply foundation and concealer.

Application of Foundation and Concealer

Before you start putting on foundation or concealer, make sure you have washed off your face. Make it dry and then apply an effective moisturizer. Before your face absorbs the moisturizer, put on foundation on big facial areas first. First apply foundation on cheek center, forehead and a small dot on chin. Then vigilantly blend the foundation in an outward direction of facial fuzz growth. After that, blend that foundation near the hair line, jaw line, face, lips, nose, and eyelids.

Once you apply foundation, then it’s the turn for concealer. You may also use makeup brush for applying concealer under your eyes. You also have to use sponge to blend the concealer carefully. The main role of concealer is to hide up your face imperfection and flaws. So it’s better to focus on those areas first.

So i guess the debate of concealer vs foundation is all over now. Usually, it is your foundation that comes first followed by your concealer and face powder. There is no hard and fast law in this world of ‘cosmetics and beauty’ and you can put on anything which you feel right. You just have to pick the perfect colour of concealer and foundation which matches up your skin tone and remember, blend & only blend is the perfect mantra while putting on foundation or concealer and that’s it!

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