Bollywood stars got arrested

Funniest Reasons Why These 7 Bollywood Stars Got Arrested For!

While going to jail is considered a matter of shame and revulsion, but everything is forgiven when it come to our Bollywood Stars. Be it any actor or an actress, Bollywood never fails to entertain us with its most fascinating controversies.

In this article, you will read about some of the most absurd reasons to why these Bollywood stars got arrested for at the first place. And what’s funny about these arrests were that most of these arrests were associated with personal violations of “Law”.

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Here is a list of reasons why these 7 Bollywood Stars got arrested for.

1. Sonali Bendre For Wearing Ethnic Tunic For A Shoot

Such an easy thing to hurt the sentiments of Indian society. Sonali Bendre posed for a magazine, wearing a yellow tunic with Om Namah Shivaay printed on it, back in 2001. This caused an uproar amongst the religion and she got arrested for the same. Though, she got bail and released from jail soon after.

Sonali Bendre For Wearing Ethnic Tunic For A ShootImage Source: 

2. Monica Bedi For Faking Her Identity

Back when Monica Bedi was dating the underworld gangster, she got arrested for forging her identity to enter the borders of Portugal and got sentenced to spend two and half years behind the bars. She only got out in 2010.

Monica Bedi For Faking Her IdentityImage Source: 

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3. Twinkle Khanna For Unbuttoning Akshay Kumar’s Pants in Public

This event showed us how hypocrite our society can be. While promoting for a fashion event, Twinkle Khanna unbuttoned her husband’s Jean publicly and landed with an arrest for offending the people around. She got out on a bail of Rs. 950 though.

Twinkle Khanna For Unbuttoning Akshay Kumar’s Pants in PublicImage Source:

4. Fardeen Khan for Buying Cocaine for “Private Consumption”

Where our young generation is dying from drug dealing and overdoses, Police was busy arresting Fardeen Khan for buying cocaine. Although, he claimed it to be “private consumption”, but still got arrested for the same. He was released within a week of his arrest due to his strong “connections”.

Fardeen Khan for Buying Cocaine for “Private Consumption”Image Source:

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5. Saif Ali Khan For Breaking a Man’s Nose at Restaurant

Just a start or the Nawab, bars spares no one to punish for the wrong doings. Saif got arrested for breaking a man’s nose at a Wasabi restaurant in Taj, during a dinner party, back in 2012. Where Saif had a disagreement with the complainant and broke his nose during the heated argument. He got bail later on though.

Saif Ali Khan For Breaking a Man’s Nose at RestaurantImage Source: 

6. Shiney Ahuja For Rape Case

Shiney Ahuja got arrested for being accused of allegedly raping his maid, at the beginning of his career. All he suffered was from the humiliation and a spoiled image in the industry.

Shiney Ahuja For Rape CaseImage Source: 

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7. John Abraham For Motorbike Crash

Back in 2006, John accidentally injured two pedestrians with his motorbike but had the courtesy to take them to the hospital. But he still got arrested for the same and had to spend 15 days in prison for the punishment.

John Abraham For Motorbike CrashImage Source: 

If a commoner would have committed any of these crimes, then it would not have been such a big of a deal. But just because Bollywood stars were involved in the act, then media made left no chance to spice up the story and publish it with more twists and turns.

Some of them funny, and some being serious crimes, it is our duty to take and understand our responsibilities of being good citizens and follow the law.

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