Getting Married? 10 things you must know about your wedding night!

So all the wedding planning is over. All that’s left is to execute the plan and to walk down the aisle. But you’re getting butterflies all around in your stomach. You’re worried what’s going to happen? What if something goes wrong? We can’t assure you that nothing’s going to go wrong. But all we can do is to tell you the things which you ought to know by now, especially about your wedding night. No need to worry. It can be exciting and the nerve-wracking at the same time.

1. You or your husband might not want to have sex on your wedding night
And it’s perfectly okay. Don’t feel shy of turning him down or feeling offended when he does that. All the ceremonies and customs might have sucked all those last few drops of energy from your body and you both would like to have is a good night’s sleep. You can cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s arm.

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2. It is going to take a lot of time to get rid of your bridal jewellery and makeup
Don’t expect it to happen like that in the Bollywood. Things aren’t that way in real. Getting rid of the makeup and all those jewellery is going to take more or less half an hour of your time. So don’t panic. It’s alright.

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3. Make sure to remove all the pins from your hair
Nobody would like to have an injured bride at the home. The hidden pin can give you a painful poke in your head and can even cause serious injury.

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4. It doesn’t need to be perfect
Leave the perfection for the Bollywood. In real, things aren’t that perfect like those in movies. Remember, this night is only going to mark your beginning to this beautiful journey of togetherness.

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5. Consult your doctor if your periods coincide with your wedding
And if you’re okay with it, then at least talk to your hubby about it. You can also check for certain pills that delay the period by a week.

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6. Get your tests done
And his as well! Check for the STD or any infection. Many hospitals and medical centres now offer pre-marital check-ups.

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7. Not having sex even in the first week is also possible! So don’t freak out.
This is true for the arrange marriages. You can wait until you get comfortable to have sex with your partner. Time doesn’t matter, whether its 30 minutes or 30 days!

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8. It might get awkward
Maybe you two have done it before the marriage. But this is going to be your first ‘Official Night’. So things might get a little awkward between you two. Don’t be afraid to share what you’re feeling with your husband.

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9. You don’t need to act like a Shy bride in the movies
It is considered to be healthy to be open in a relationship. You can say what you feel like. After all, you both have to spend countless such nights with each other. Too much silence can be suffocating.

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10. Remember, the first night is not always about sex!
It’s a lot more than just having sex. You can take this night as a stepping stone to your great marriage. So connecting on the mental level is more important than being connected on the physical level.

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