Give Up These 7 Unhealthy Habits That Are Affecting Your Skin

I can’t think of a single girl who wouldn’t give her skin some pampering to make it look flawless!

Dirt, dust and pollution are the major factors that affect your flawless beauty, but they are not solely responsible for the act. There are certain habits, that we follow every day, which is affecting our skincare routine.

You might not believe it, but your phone and pillow plays a vital role in causing your breakouts and blemishes on your skin. Read on this article, to know what is the reason behind these two causing unknown damage to your beautiful skin. I can assure you, #6 is so hard to give up on!

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Let’s take a look at those 7 everyday habits that are making your beauty and skincare routine difficult to keep up with.

1. Applying makeup in the incorrect order
If you are using serums and emulsions for your face, it is essential that you apply them in the correct order. Otherwise, they might dehydrate your skin and make it flaky and dry. Always apply a hydrating serum first, then follow with a suitable foundation with matching skin tone. And set your makeup with a facial mist at last, for that natural glow.

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2. Using the same pillow case for a long time
Pillowcases should be changed every alternate day. As they carry bacteria and germs from the environment, more than you know it. And if you keep sleeping on the same pillow case for a long time, without switching and washing them, the germs gets transferred on your skin and causes breakouts or blemishes.

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3. Too much hot water showers
I am sure you find the hot water showers oh-so-relaxing, just like any other girl. But what you are unaware of is the fact that hot showers often strip you off the essential natural oils from your body and leaves it dry and dull in the process. It is recommended you use lukewarm water instead, and turn to cold water at last, before stepping out of the shower.

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4. Avoiding the neck
Your neck needs equal care and nourishment as much as your face does. The harsh sun rays also affect your neck and that is why it needs extra skincare, just like your face. And not to forget, never skip your neck while applying the foundation.

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5. Forgetting to coat SPF
You wouldn’t want to have freckles, dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone on your face, or would you? If not, then under no circumstances must you forget to apply a good amount of a good sunscreen, with at least SPF 30, if nothing. No matter how the weather is outside, sunny or rainy or cloudy or just cold, always, always, and always coat your skin with the nourishment od a good sunscreen.

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6. Keeping your phone’s screen dirty
Who could have thought, that our beloved gadget would be the one that is causing our skin so much damage? It has been accumulated that your mobile phone has more germs and skin-damaging bacteria than any public toilet seat. So, it is up to you now, whether you wanna carry those harmful germs to your face, or would rather prefer to clean your phone screens often. And use headphones instead of directly using your phone to take calls.

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7. Not applying a moisturizer on oily skin
No matter what your skin type is, every skin type needs equal hydration on a daily basis. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated, and controls the production of sebum, that makes your skin oily.

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The list definitely does not end here, and if you think that any of your habits is harming your skincare, then share with us.

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