GM Diet Plan

GM Diet Plan: Lose Weight Within Weeks

Confused about your healthy diet plan. Here is a GM Diet Plan, an answer to all your weight loss queries. If you want to lose your extra weight quickly, so here is your next few days GM diet plan. Just follow this easy and healthy diet routine and get your perfect shape in just a few days.

What is GM Diet Plan

This diet plan was made for the employees of General Motors. The main objective of this diet plan was to gain good fitness and health. Just look at this 7-day diet plan.

Advantage of GM diet

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• Lose 5 to 8kgs in just 7 days.
• Make your tummy flat.
• Glowing skin in just 7 days.
• Clearing the body from toxins and makes people feel light.

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GM diet plan is very easy to follow but just consult your doctor before following this diet plan.

#DAY 1

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Go for fruits only. Eat all fruits that you like except banana, litchi, mangoes, and grapes. Eat watermelon, apples, lime, strawberries etc. and if you want to eat salt just go for ‘hajmola’ in the place of salt.

#DAY 2

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Eat only vegetables. Start your day with a boiled potato with butter. But after this eat only raw vegetables all over the day. Eat only one potato in single day. You can eat carrots, cabbage etc.

#DAY 3

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Start your day with fruits and vegetables. On 3rd day of your diet plan you can eat fruits and vegetables both. Drink water as much as you can.

#DAY 4

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On 4th day you can go for almost six bananas and four glasses of milk. Although bananas are considered as a weight gainer item but in this diet, bananas give you potassium and sodium. You can also go for vegetables soups.

#DAY 5

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on 5th day of diet, you can go for tomatoes, cottage cheese(paneer) and sprouts. You can also go for wonder soup (recipe of soup given below after of the article).

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# DAY 6

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On day 6 you can go as similarly as day 5 you can eat all vegetables and chicken except tomatoes. And you can take wonder soup also. (recipe is given at the end of this article).

#DAY 7

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On last day of your diet, you would feel fit and healthy. You can go for juices and eat one bowl rice with any vegetables you like.

Important: Drink water as much as you can with following this diet plan. Avoid juices, tea or coffee in this 7 days (except 7th day). You can go for black coffee and black tea. With this diet plan, do exercise up to 45 minutes daily.

Wonder soup recipe:

Ingredients you need:

• Water: 22 ounces of water
• Onions: 6
• Green peppers: 2
• Cabbage: 1
• Tomatoes: 3
• Celery: 1 bunch

How you make it:

1- Firstly, cut onions and green peppers.
2- Take a pan and add them and cook with some drop of olive oil.
3- Once it gets light brown in color, cut the tomatoes, celery and cabbage and then take a big pan and put everything in it with water.
4- Boil everything properly and cook for 60 minutes. Then add salt and spies as your teats.
5- It’s ready to have now.

Stay fit and healthy!

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