Go Cool For The Hot Summers- Summer Styling Tips

The scorching heat of the sun has made it really difficult to do almost anything and everything. But no matter how hot it is, you can’t let the sweltering sun lower your style quotient in any way. From clothes to shoes to accessories you can play with all the elements to keep yourself cool this summer. Below we have shared some of the best styling tips that will keep you cool during the summers.

1. Go for light colours- if you want to beat the scorching heat then you must opt for lighter colours. Apart from looking really fresh lighter colours absorb less heat and keep you cool throughout the day. Opt for colours like yellow, mint green, baby pink, sky blue and white which are just perfect for the summers.

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2. Go for a chilled out look- In summers, it is better to keep your look very minimal, casual and vibrant. Loose clothes are perfect for summers as they keep you cool and very well ventilated throughout the day. Loose fitted clothes give you a more laid back look which is what you want in summers. Loose white top or shirt paired with blue denim is the perfect ensemble for the summers. Even a maxi dress paired with a loose shirt is a great way to dress up yet keeping the look very minimalistic.

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3. Accessorize it- Summer is the perfect time to put all your hats and scarf to work. Every ensemble looks incomplete without pairing it with the right accessories. You can accessorize your look; the way you want to. Add a pair of retro sunglasses or a printed scarf for that vintage look. Tie your hair up with a bandana, this will look very stylish and will keep you cool at the same time. You can also add a hat to your outfit and it will make you stand out from the crowd.

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4. Keep it short and simple- The best part about summers is that you get to wear your shorts and hot pants. Shorts are very comfortable, they look very stylish, they suit every body type and you can pair them with almost anything, making them one of the most versatile clothing ever. Pair them with colourful t-shirts, oversized shirts and even maxi tops for that airy, summery look.

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5. Choose prints over plains- Summers and prints go hand in hand. To add a fresh vibe to your wardrobe, add different prints and colours to your summer clothing. From floral prints to stripes and from Aztec to abstract you must stock it all in your summer wardrobe.

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