Good Chemistry Is Not Enough For A Happy Relationship, Look For These 5 Things Too!

Of course, having a good chemistry with your partner is very important to have a happy relationship, but that’s not enough! Focusing only on chemistry never ends well for a relationship, instead, it might lead to unnecessary glitches later in life.

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You need to look for these 5 following things as well for a healthy relationship with your better half.

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It is essential to communicate with the other person if you want your relationship to last for a long period. Communication bridges the gap between mind and souls, which is extremely necessary for the couple to talk to each other about everything they feel and want to do about.

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Make sure before you jump into a serious relationship, you can openly and honestly communicate with each other.


Every relationship is based on the level of commitment each person is giving into it. So, if you want a happy relationship with your partner, expect less and commit more to it.

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Equal commitment from both the sides is essential to lead a healthy and stress-free life. The relationship won’t survive if any one of the two partners fears in making a commitment.

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You sure do understand where you and the other person is coming from in your relationship, but it is equally important for both of you to respect each other’s decisions and space for your relationship to survive the time storm.

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Never try to change the other person because you have started to the world from a different perspective. This will not only affect your relationship negatively but also might break it in the longer period.


Even when you and your partner are getting along with each other well, it is important for your significant other to gel with the people you love and respect like you do. Be it your family or relatives or your friends, respect each other’s personal lives and the people who are important to them.

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Though the relationship is between the two of you, but if your partner refuses to make any efforts to make them a part of their lives then it’s time you reconsider the decision.

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People, don’t confuse compatibility with chemistry, they are two different traits to look for in a relationship!

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Chemistry is more like an emotional bonding whereas compatibility is the common things that bring you two together and shows your perception towards those similar things. Make sure that you both have similar value and end up on the same page for your relationship to work.

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