If you have a joint family then you can very well realize the meaning of this famous Bollywood line Hum Saath Saath Hain. And being the part of this amazing big family, it is obvious that you also want your fiancé bonds well with the family so that he gets to know them. So, in this article, we have just shared some useful hacks that will help you bond your fiancé with your family.

1. Make him part of the family trip

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This is the best way to strengthen the bond of your to-be husband with your family. And don’t forget to inform him in advance so that he doesn’t face any trouble while coordinating.

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2. Invite him for dinner

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What can be better than a dinner table conversation? Having casual dinner with your family can actually help him to know others well. You don’t know he might become your father’s beer partner.

3. Take him out with your cousins

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You can plan out a day with him and your cousins. And you never know that they might be planning for the next time without your knowledge.

4. Relive your memories with him

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Share your childhood memories with him by showing him pictures, videos. You can also include your parents in the conversation. And there are chances that your parents might spill out some childhood secrets in front of him.

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5. Share everything with him

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He will soon become the part of your family, so it is always advisable that you should not hide anything from him. Share everything regarding the plans and your past so that he feels special by your gesture.

6. Add him to the family WhatsApp group

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Nowadays every family has a group on WhatsApp. So, make your to-be husband the part of your family group so that he feels connected with your family and have a track on the marriage preparations.

7. Make him the part of planning process

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No wonder he was the part of all the major celebrations but it is also important that you also make him the part of behind the scene action too. And also make him involved in the planning of the parties and assign him duties too.

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