hacks to get ready faster

10 Smart Hacks to Get Ready Faster


Do you also run out of time while getting ready for the office? If yes, then you need to check out these hacks. Getting ready in the morning for the office is a tricky task as most of the times we either run out of time or we have some important to work to catch up in time. So, to solve this issue we have listed some hacks to get ready faster that will not only save your time but will also make you look perfect.

1. Prep up your hair before bedtime

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If you are planning to wash your hair in the morning then it is better to avoid it as it can consume your major chunk of time. Rather, apply dry shampoo in your hair before going to bed as it will soak up the excess oil from your mane.

2. Red is your saviour

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The red lipstick can add instant pop to your face especially when you have no time for makeup. Just smear some red lip color on your lips and see its effects.

3. Use multi-purpose products

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If you apply multiple products on your hair in the morning and it is consuming a lot of your time then instead of these products try to a multi-purpose product as it will serve all your requirements in one go.

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4. Pre-plan your makeup

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Arrange and separate your makeup items in advance that you need next morning. In this way, you will save yourself from the time crunch and you will also get all the items that you need at the time of makeup.

5. Add glitter to your nails

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Nobody has enough time to repeat the entire manicure process for one chipped nail. All you need is to simply apply a coat of glitter nail polish on your nail tips to hide the chipped nails in a trendy way.

6. Keep a hairstyle ready

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The best way to get beautiful waves is to braid your hair before going to bed. And next morning just undo your braid and brush to get gorgeous tresses.

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7. Use BB cream

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Save all your time that you spend on applying concealer, foundation and primer by simply applying a multipurpose BB cream.

8. Moisturize after taking shower

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Use moisturizing shower gel after taking bath this will save lot of your time that you spent on moisturizing.

9. Go for pro

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Instead of using a normal hair dryer opt for a professional one to cut down your morning preparation time.

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10. Bun

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Everybody goes through a bad hair day and if you find that your hair is not looking that good then you tie your hair up in bun and get a trendy messy hair bun look.

So, these were the few easy hacks to get ready faster.


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