Hair Smoothening vs Hair Rebonding… What do I do?

hair smoothening vs hair rebonding

Hair smoothening or Hair Rebonding what to choose? A million Dollar question!

Straight and smooth hair is what most women crave for, but as we know, we all are born with different traits . We come in all sizes, shapes and colours, that includes the hair colour and texture too. Having straight hair is not a dream anymore and you can just do it temporarily or even make it permanent too, but before you decide which process to go through we want you to know the difference , evaluate it and then we leave it up to you guys to decide- what to do?

Permanent hair straightening is done by two methods one is smoothening and the other is Rebonding. Both have their own Pros and Cons, let us see which one to choose!

Hair Smoothening Vs Hair Rebonding?

hair rebonding

Experts suggest smoothening rather than rebonding, as per them natural straight hair is much better looking than pin straight hair which leave you with no styling options mostly. What they don’t tell you clearly is  about the chemical aspects of it. Fact is that both the processes are almost same the only considerable difference is the amount/ strength of  chemical agents used for straitening involved.

For more permanent and straighter look more chemical is used, which in turn means more damage unfortunately. So, now without getting biased over this, let us compare the both and leave it for you to decide what do you want?

Hair Smoothening / Rebonding – The Look!

  • Hair become natural straight and full.
  • Hair become pin straight slightly thinner
  • Naturally shiney.
  • Absolutely lustrous hair adding an inch or so in length.
  • You can style them any way.
  • Hair styling becomes a little difficult with pin straight hair.

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Comparison of Smoothening/ Rebonding .

  • Smoothening is cheaper
  • Takes less time
  • Involves less chemicals thus causing less damages.
  • The after care is also not very expensive for smoothening.
  • It lasts almost for six months provided you do not experiment with your hair much.
  • Rebonding is a bit costlier.
  • Takes almost 72 hours to complete the process.
  • Involves strong chemicals that break the basic hair construction bonds and reform them, making it weaker.
  • This is a permanent solution and only wears off with you natural hair growth.

Well, there are two ways to look at it honestly. if looks and the effect matter to you then definitely we would suggest rebonding as this is the only treatment that will give you that perfect straight hair. Rebonding gives you an inch or so longer and shinier straighter hair that make you look totally fabulous.

Smoothening is all about going through a milder treatment that will give you straight and full, smooth hair.

Just to make this a little easier for you all we wanted to mention that there are options like some Hair straightening creams & Products that help temporarily.

Temporary hair straightening can be done with lot many products. These products come in different forms- creams, gels , sprays & equipments.

You can search for such creams, gels and sprays in your nearby shops. These vary in their composition. Some creams boast of silicone solvents that can help you in straightening your hair and makes them more manageable. These creams are water- resistant and therefore, keep your hair straight for longer.Other creams have a cationic formula that makes a much stronger structural base for straightening cream. They also have hydro-safe complexes that keep your hair straight for longer by keeping moisture away.

Few products have a keratin-rich formula that repairs the damaged ends and protects it from further harm, while at the same time straightening them. These products can give you pin-straight hair, when used according to the instructions.
Using these creams, you can make your hair straight at home, without much hassle.

We also have well-known brands like Nova, Phillips and others that manufacture equipments like straighteners and irons, that flat iron the hair to help you get straightened hair.

If you are not interested in taking the risk of permanent straightening, you can go ahead with these products and enjoy styling your hair without having any permanent effect or fearing any side effects.

Hair is an important part of your personality and you do not want to lose it, not just because you made some stupid decisions. If you really, really want it, then you must go for it, that is my theory. You live once and why not enjoy the things you can! I decided upon going for rebonding as I had curly hair and wanted to see how would I look supporting long and straight hair. I must say I am glad I did it and I am happy the way I look.

I would love to hear from you how much the article helped you whether you were still in process of making a decision or if you’ve already made one.Let us share our fears:)