hair rebonding vs hair smoothening

Hair Smoothening vs Hair Rebonding… What do I do?

Straight and smooth hair are what I have craved for almost 10 years now – can’t believe it! Well, I am a woman like you all had a plethora of apprehensions before finally jumping into this smoothening and responding business. Selecting process and  salon to get those perfect straight, smooth hair took me 10 long years – ironically, I had almost lost all my volume till then. Well, it is never too late.

Hair Smoothening or Hair Re-bonding

Before finally going for the process had searched and surfed a lot and found out some must know facts of hair smoothening and hair rebonding, here i will be writing all about it because i do not want  anybody else to wait so long (it was too long.: P). So, beautiful people this one is for you and making you more confident of what you want!!

Just to make sure that nothing is left behind i would like to explain everything you want to know about Hair smoothening , Hair rebonding and hair straightening. I will explain briefly :

  1. The process scientifically – how does your hair become straight.
  2. Hiar smoothening- Process with Pros &Cons
  3. Hair rebonding- Process with Pros & Cons
  4. Hiar Straightening – Process with Pros & Cons
  5. Home remedies for Straight hair.
  6. Care after straightening, Hair- Must do.
  7. What is good hair smoothening or hair rebonding?
  8. Hair straightening Creams and products that can help temporarily.
  9. Hair straightening – To do or not to do?

To start, lets get to the roots first, let me explain how this smoothening or straightening/ rebuilding work on your hair- the science behind this.

 The process scientifically – how does your hair become straight.

Our hair as you all must be aware of are made up of Amino acids and the structure of hair is like a ladder of amino acids with disulfide bonds in between. This ladder is in straight form like a straight ladder when one has straight hair and if you have curled the hair structure is like a twisted ladder. The harder and  tighter the twists the curlier the hair.

The process of straightening your hair starts with cleansing and then drying up the mane, then the experts apply a straightening solution to your hair which is blow dried straight again and then flat ironed to get those perfectly straight hair.

Let me explain to you how this solution acts on your frizzy and not very straight hair structure , the solution has chemicals that break the natural bonds of the hair, making them straight and then establishing the band again but which is artificially set by your flat iron , the arrangement is decided by that only. The hair rebonding  takes a little time like 2-3 days that is why you are advised not to wash your hair during those days so that the newly defined bonds are formed and stabilized.

Hair smoothening- Process with Pros &Cons

Smoothing is nothing but, an alignment technique. Smoothing just needs your middle and index finger to make your hair straight. Here, the hair swells up in some time and become smooth and full. Hair smoothening is good for people who do not want artificial looking stick straight hair, people with naturally straight hair should opt for this as this is  just to smoothen out the frizz and is not a deep process so has no everlasting effect.These days, Girls love to have smooth hair with occasional waves and curls – this is apt for such kind of styling only.

Pros and Cons of Hair Smoothening:

Hair smoothening is also a chemical process, it is like keratin process, but differs in the way of the usage and chemical structure. The usage of chemicals is inevitable for any artificial straightening process.

Pros- smoothening relies only on fingers,no tools are used. Smoothening is like chemically settling sown the frizz for longer periods.

Cons-Smoothening cons include, not so very straight hair, the hair, although easier and smooth to handle do not stay that way for long and you can have curls and waves on 4th day even.

Hair rebonding- Process with Pros & Cons

This  hair straightening treatment is best for people with very curly hair or frizzy hair. Hair Rebonding breaks the natural bonds of the hair structure completely with the help of straightners and then reforming of new bonds with neutralizers that help in hair rebonding and stablizing the process. Rebonding is best as it completely changes the structure of your hair at least for one year.

Pros-With rebonding you can expect smooth, straight and shinier looking hair. Your hair look great and you have just out of the salon look, at least for one year.

Cons- You hair is reconstructed and these hairs need lots of care and nourishment. You have to be extra careful after this treatment.

Hair Straightening – Process with Pros & Cons

Hair straightening is done either permanently or temporarily, Permanent methods as discussed above (hair rebonding & Hair smoothening) are all chemical methods and these methods change the complete structure of your hair. The structure of your existing hair, which receive the treatment is changed only while as the new growth is not affected as the hair structure is defined genetically and this can not be changed.

Temporary methods include flat ironing , where we use equipments like heat straighteners to iron our hair straight , the heat settles the hair straight and the effect lasts for 6-7 hours and once wet the hair takes their original form.

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