Do you also have a habit of skipping breakfast? Well, it’s time you stop doing that as it can have a bad effect on your health causing various ailments. To make things clearer, we have listed some harmful effects of skipping breakfast.

1. Can Lead to diabetes

Can Lead to diabetesImage Source: internapcdn

In a study, it was found that skipping breakfast can increase the risk of diabetes. And for this reason, it is also associated with the prediabetes, impaired glucose intolerance.

2. Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast Involves Risk of Cancer

Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast Involves Risk of CancerImage Source: medicalnewstoday

There are chances that skipping breakfast can make you consume more food during the day which paves the way for obesity. And according to Cancer Research UK, an obese or overweight person has a higher risk of developing cancer.

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3. Leads to Weight Gain

Leads to Weight GainImage Source: cloudfront

If you are the one who thinks that skipping breakfast can help you in the weight loss process, then you are super wrong. There are various studies which have proved that people who regularly skip breakfast, gain more weight because of overeating later.

4. Another of Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast is Hair Loss

Another of Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast is Hair LossImage Source: thealternativedaily

Are you also suffering from hair loss? Well, then there are chances that it might be because of skipping breakfast. When your meal contains a low level of protein, it affects the keratin level and triggers hair loss. So, it is suggested that you should never skip your breakfast.

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5. Leads to Stinky Breath

 Leads to Stinky BreathImage Source: aolcdn

Well, this habit of skipping meal not only affects your health but your social life too. It was found when a person skips breakfast, it makes their breath stinky. This happens because eating breakfast helps in stimulating saliva production and scrubs off the bacteria from the tongue.

6. Affects your Metabolism

 Affects your MetabolismImage Source: healthyagingproject

This habit is also associated with reduced metabolism. When you skip a meal, it affects the functioning of your body and reduces the metabolic rate thereby, affecting the body’s capability to burn calories.

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7. Negative Impact on the Mood

Negative Impact on the MoodImage Source: webmd

When you skip a meal, there are changes you feel hungry and angry at the same time. Thus, skipping breakfast affects your mood for the worse. It was even proved by a survey that people who had breakfast daily had a positive mood throughout the day as compared to the ones who didn’t have breakfast. So, always make sure that you never skip your breakfast to remain productive.

Now, that you know how skipping breakfast can affect your health, make sure you never skip it and stay fit and healthy.

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