health benefits of consuming olive oil

Health hack: 8 health benefits of consuming olive oil


Olive oil is loaded with the fatty acids, vitamins, macronutrients, and antioxidants that protect your blood cells and heart from the damage. It is also known for its cardiovascular benefits. It is said that consuming olive oil every day not only protects your heart but also helps in the process of weight loss. So, in this article, we have shared some health benefits of consuming olive oil.

1. Improves skin health

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This oil is very beneficial for your hair, skin, and nail. It moisturizes your skin and promotes hair and nail growth.

2. Aids in weight loss

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Olive oil is full of fatty acids that provide a sense of fullness. It is also considered as the best replacement for butter.

3. Protects your heart

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The best way to increase the HDL cholesterol in the body is by consuming foods which are loaded with the benefits of olive oil.

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4. Protects your brain

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It also protects your brain by preventing mental decline, reducing the risk of depression and by boosting your memory.

5. Improves immunity

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The fatty acids present in olive oil helps to regulate and support the immune system and also helps in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

6. Cleans the liver

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The liver is an organ that performs the function of the internal cleaning. And if you want to detox the liver, then start consuming olive oil. You can consume it by mixing it with one glass of lemon juice.

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7. Reduces inflammation

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Olive oil acts like an ibuprofen which helps in reducing inflammation. According to a research, it acts as 10% of ibuprofen dosage.

8. Controls blood sugar level

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Olive oil helps in reducing the blood glucose and cholesterol levels. And it is also beneficial for the people suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

So, these were the few health benefits of consuming olive oil.


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