Health Hack: 8 Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery in Winter

Winter is the season to enjoy hot cups of coffee, warm clothes and enjoying the break from the heat. Well, we all love winter but the sudden dip in temperature sometimes can make you suffer from various ailments which can ruin your winter break. So, it becomes more important to take extra care for your health during the winter months. There are a number of natural ingredients that can help in boosting your immunity and preventing various ailments. But there is one such natural ingredient that can help you in many ways during winter which is jaggery. Here we have listed some health benefits of eating jaggery in winter.

1. Treats cold and cough

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Jaggery is the best natural ingredient to treat cold and cough during winter as it keeps your lungs warm and respiratory tract open. It also soothes the irritation in the throat.

2. Boosts your immunity

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It is full of antioxidants and nutrients that help in improving immunity and combating various diseases. The selenium and zinc content present in it also helps in protecting your body against free radical damage. Thus, boosting your immunity and stamina.

3. Purifies blood

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Jaggery has the ability to flush out all the toxins from your blood. Thus improving blood flow and preventing various ailments related to blood.

4. Relieves joint and bone pain

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If you are aging and frequently suffer from bone and joint pain then you should start eating jaggery as the antioxidant present in it helps in strengthening your bones and prevents health conditions like arthritis.

5. Good for your heart

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Proper functioning of the heart is very important for leading a healthy life. One of the main reason behind the stroke and heart failure is the soaring level of blood pressure.  But jaggery can help in regulating the blood pressure levels as it is loaded with sodium and potassium which controls the rising blood pressure. So, to keep your heart healthy try to eat jaggery.

6. Prevents asthma

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Asthma is a very common health issue nowadays. This problem occurs when there is a sudden drop in temperature, especially during winter. But you can still protect yourself from the asthma attacks by consuming jaggery as it contains anti-allergic properties which are very beneficial for the people who are suffering from asthma.

7. Good for your skin

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Taking care of the skin is very important especially during winter.  Besides applying masks and using other beauty treatments you can just add jaggery to your diet. The rich minerals and vitamins present in jaggery can really help you a lot in improving the state of your skin by providing the necessary nourishment which makes your skin glowing and healthy.

8. Treats hiccups

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Hiccups can cause a lot of discomfort and a sense of irritation.  But you can treat by eating jaggery. All you need is to mix jaggery with some ginger powder and then drink it with warm water. This simple tip can provide you instant relief from hiccups.

So, these were the few health benefits of eating jaggery.


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