Healthy Diet’s Must Include For Expecting Mommies: Celebrate “#MommyFiesta”

A health guide for a nutritional diet of a pregnant woman!
As Mother’s Day (May,14) is approaching us and we are already excited to celebrate it in the unique way. It can be difficult to figure out what to eat and what to avoid, especially when you are trying to eat for the two of you. Sometimes you may crave for sweet and other times you might be sulking for some junk. It is a nerve-wracking journey of 9 months!

Fine-tuning the eating habits and the pregnancy menu will help your baby grow and develop vigorously. Apart from a nutrition-filled diet, you will be needed to include 300 calories more to your everyday meals.

Therefore, to keep your everyday diet healthy and nutritious, we have prepared a healthy diet which is a must to include, that will help you curb your cravings and provide the essential nutritional benefits for both baby and mommy-to-be.

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Must-includes in healthy diet
Consuming a variety and colorful food during pregnancy is essential for both the expecting mother and the developing baby, but knowing what’s right to eat is important too.


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You must intake at least 3 servings of protein every day. The baby starts to develop in the second trimester, and that’s why you must improve your protein diet the most.

Eggs, fish, poultry, meat, beans, vitamin B and iron are a few must-haves. They help fight fatigue and depression, irritability and weakness.

Non-vegetarians can go for lean meat, seafood, turkey, liver, lamb, veal and chicken.

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2.Fruits & Vegetables

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Take at least 3-4 servings of fruits and 4 or more servings of veggies in a day’s diet.
It is essential for the pregnant women to consume at least 70 grams of vitamin C every day. Fruits like oranges, honeydew, grapefruits, and vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts and tomatoes are great sources of Vitamin C.

You can also avoid neural tube defects by consuming 0.4 grams of folic acid daily, which you can get from eating legumes and dark green leafy veggies.

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3.Dairy Products

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You must consume 4 servings of dairy products for the minimum, daily. It is recommended to have at least 1000 mg of calcium during the pregnancy.

Calcium makes your bones and the muscles strong, and improves the nerve functions as well. Since your baby is in the developing stage, your calcium intake must be inappropriate and not below the minimum required amount.

Milk, yogurt, cheese, puddings, cream soups, green veggies, dried peas, seafood and beans are the main sources of calcium.

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4.Breads & Grains

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You must keep your weight in check to consume the proper amount of servings of the breads and grains. 6-11 oz of servings are normally recommended for a pregnant woman to consume in a day.

Breads and grains provide fibre, some protein, vitamin B, iron and essential carbohydrates to your body.

5.Prenatal Vitamins

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A healthy diet is a must to complement the prenatal vitamins or supplements. You can take them up to three months before your conception period. They help fill in those small gaps of nutrition that you intentionally miss out on.

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