Here are the 6 Types of Parents! Which One Are You?

Your parenting plays a pivotal role in your child’s development. Every parent is different in his parenting style. Some are helicopters while others easy going. As the child grows up, you start worrying endlessly about your little one’s whereabouts. There are some parents who like to go through each and every belonging of their child to know what’s going on in their life. They count it as being watchful, but their child might not.

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If you’re worried how your child would be as a grown up or is your parenting is lacking in somewhere, then have a look at different parenting styles. Don’t forget to go through the outcomes as well.

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1. Over Protective Parents

Result: Clingy Child
A bird has to step out of its nest to take its first flight. Imagine what would happen if mother birds start being over protective about their little ones? Will they ever be able to fly? The answer is negative. Similarly, you must let loose of your protective leash. Over-protectiveness will lead to detachment problem in your child when he’s grown up. They will become excessively dependent on you.

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Tip: Give them the room to grow emotionally and take their decisions on their own. Don’t interfere in each and every domain of their life.

2. Suspicious Parents
Result: Lying and distrustful child
Once read somewhere, when chained, our desires learn to fly. Constant checking on your child will lead him to find wrongful ways to conceal the truth. They will learn how to lie confidently. And trust me, the confident liars are the worse. The fear of getting caught will lead them to spin a web of lies. And in complimentary, their confidence will be compromised.

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Tip: If you feel like checking on your children, talk to them and ask them what’s going around. Even if you find anything suspicious about them, ask them politely. Don’t threaten them with the punishment.

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3. Abusive Parents
Result: Children Having Extreme Personality
It is okay to point out your child’s mistake. But going overboard with it is not just. Any kind of emotional or physical violence will scar them for life. It will hamper their cognitive and emotional growth. Thus, they will grow up as an adult suffering from low self-esteem and confidence. Such kind of children will either be extremely rebellion or extremely passive.

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Tip: Try to keep temper at check when your child is admitting his mistake to you. One wrong move will make your kid lose his trust in you.

4. Pushy Parents

Result: Suicidal Kids
If you’re one among them, then it is not acceptable. Pushy parents are one of the main reasons why a child becomes suicidal. It is alright to put some expectations on your kids. But overburdening them with your own unfulfilled dreams will only make them depressed. Such kind of parents cannot stand their child’s failure and their overreaction often makes the child feel worthless to them.

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Tip: Don’t spare a moment to express your love to your kids. A little failure doesn’t mean the end of the world. Motivate them and stay motivated.

5. Over-Comparing Parents

Result: Leads to over-competitive kids
Often noted that parents who never stop comparing their kids to the neighbour’s child, leads to over-competitive kids. Such kind of children grow up to be over-ambitious. They will not shy away from using ill-means to achieve their goals. In some cases, the kids might grow up to an adult with feelings of worthlessness and self-pity.

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Tip: Use positive means to disagree with your child. Don’t ever compare your child with anyone else. Refrain from comparing even siblings.

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6. Passive Parents
Result: Uncontrollable child
Balance of everything is the essence of life. You cannot be over-controlling. But being passive not an option either. Letting your child be on their own is good, but to some extent. Keep a watchful eye over what your child is doing. If you find him involved in something wrong, be strict and use every means to stop them. Passive parents often lead to children who are out of control and destructive.

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Tip: Spend time with your kids. Talk to them like their friends. Gain their confidence. If you find them making a mistake, point it out. Don’t give in to the emotional blackmailing of your child.

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