Top Six Painful Reasons Behind Breakup


Being in love is amazing and the opposite happens when you face breakup. And believe me, it is not at all easy to handle especially when it happens to your first relationship. It is very disturbing for the one who has recently encountered breakup.

So, in this post, we are going to share some reasons why a breakup hurts so badly?

Have a look!

1. This hurts the most

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A recent study of Personality and Social Psychology reveals that the feeling of breakup hurts most when people are left for someone else. There is even a term to define this situation that is comparative rejection.

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2. Why people breakup?

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The reason for the breakup is very common like they don’t get time for themselves or they feel like they are emotionally taxed for everything. And partners even lose interest in each other.

3. It is very tough for someone to handle comparative rejection

It is very tough for someone to handle comparative rejectionImage Source: 

Comparative rejection is the toughest thing that one can handle because deep down they feel that they are rejected because of someone else.

4. Breakup without reason

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It is close to comparative rejection but it more painful when you break up without any reason with your partner. And most of the times partner become suspicious that their partner is caught by someone else.

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5. Be honest

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The best way to end the relationship is being honest and open up about how you feel. So, don’t talk too much just put an end to it.

6. Reassurance

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Never leave your partner on assumptions you might be losing a nice person. So, always reassuring about your doubts before breaking up.

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