Eating corn during monsoon

Here Is Why Eating Corn During Monsoon Is Good For Your Health


Eating corn during monsoon is something that we all love to do. Corn which is also known as Maize is a food grain which is very rich in minerals, fibres and vitamins. It is a great source of energy as it contains dietary fibres and carbohydrates. Apart, from this, it has many health benefits.

Corn is a food which is easily available during monsoons and people love eating corn during monsoon with a dash of salt and lemon. It is the healthiest snack that one can have in monsoon.

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Here is the list of health benefits of eating corn during monsoon that you should know:

1. Easy to digest

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Corn has rich content of dietary fibres which are in a soluble and insoluble form which helps to prevent constipation and other digestive problems.

2. Good for your heart

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It helps to remove bad cholesterol and replaces it with the good ones which also prevents clogged arteries. Which in turn reduces the chances of blood pressure and heart attack.

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3. Boosts Energy

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Corn contains a high amount of carbohydrates which boost the energy level of the body and helps in the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. So, enjoy eating corn during monsoon.

4. Stops Anaemia

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Anaemia is caused due to the deficiency of iron, Vitamin B12 and folic acid. Corns help to prevent anaemia by providing sufficient level of iron and minerals to the red blood cells.

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5. Curbs Diabetes

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Corn contains fibre that is very helpful in keeping the sugar level normal in blood by decreasing the rate of glucose and sugar in the blood.

6. Decreases the chances of cancer

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It is proved by the experts that corn contains some antioxidants that are very helpful in fighting against the radicals which can cause cancer.

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7. Decreases cholesterol level

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Sweet corns have the rich content of vitamin C and other elements which are very helpful in controlling cholesterol levels.

8. Curb hypertension

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Corn protects your body from hypertension as it a rich source of Vitamin B and pantothenic acid which also reduces the level of stress.

So, these were a few health benefits of eating corn during monsoon. Now, when you know all the benefits, try to include them in your regular diet.

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