Here’s Why You Should Use Wooden Comb Instead Of Fancy Plastic Ones!

Wooden combs have been used since ancient times. In primeval times, women used to prefer attractive and natural wooden combs. And believe me, they never faced so many hair problems like we have these days.

Wooden combs have the potential to treat Hair fall as well dandruff. It is believed that simple looking wooden combs can improve the blood circulation and can even vanish away headaches.

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So keeping all these benefits in mind, you should quit your pretty looking plastic combs and use these wooden combs for combing your hair. Come let’s know why to ditch your plastic comb for a wooden one.

1. Beneficial For Your Head
While you comb your hair with a wooden comb, the wood rubbing your scalp creates an energy which improves the blood circulation in your scalp.

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2. It Doesn’t Damage Your Hair
Wooden combs are the best friends for your hair. They don’t harm your hair. Experts believe that if you have this habit of combing your hair while they are wet, then using the wooden comb is advisable. Wooden combs are not harsh on your hair.

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3. It Treats Dry Scalp
If you’re having dry scalp due to dandruff, then don’t worry. Just start using the wooden comb for combing your hair. Wooden comb regulates the oil production of the scalp and alleviates dandruff.

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4. It Blesses You with Thicker Hair
Wood is the bad conductor of electricity and doesn’t produce any electricity when rubbed against anything. This prevents the static charge from being produced in your hair. Static charge production in hair is another cause of hair fall.

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5. It Softens Your Hair
If you have a longer mane, then the wooden comb is the best for you. It distributes the oil from the scalp equally throughout the lengths of the hair. This oil acts as a natural conditioner for your hair. Hence, your mane appears nourished and shiny.

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6. It is the Best Option for Sensitive Scalp
Those who find the plastic combs very abrasive and harsh on their scalp, this comb is best for you. Wood is comparatively softer than the plastic. It doesn’t injure the sensitive scalp and hence the best alternative for it.

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